After the third mission (Zero Hour) and its posterior cinematics end, your view is shift inside the Hyperior at the Bridge.  You can see Captain Matt Horder, Jim Raynor and Tychus Findlay in this screenshot.  One thing to note in this screenshot is how much the bridge has evolved from what we saw at Blizzcon 2007.  This is a totally overhauled design, and those lore-nerds out there like myself will notice a lore reference in the new design of the Hyperion.  For example, the Hyperion was formerly owned by Arcturus Mengsk, right?  So it should still have decoration suited for its former owner, right?

In Starcraft: I, Mengsk, it is mentioned that the Mengsk family’s emblem is the Wolf.  You can see throughout the Hyperion’s bridge many wolf heads on the decoration across the walls near the ceiling.

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