Players who installed the 64-bit client in the previous patch 4.3.2 and don’t know about the latest developer post will likely stumble against a problem during today’s patch 4.3.3.

The reason is that the 64-bit client is considered in beta. You have to delete the 64-bit files before launching the WoW launcher. Read the instructions and details from Jurannok (Support Forum Agent).

      If you are currently testing the 64-bit client, in order to patch up to 4.3.3 you will need to remove the 64-bit files to allow the patching process to complete.

      With the 64-bit client files in place you will receive the error: Blizzard Updater failed with an internal error.

      Simply delete the 64-bit files listed below from the World of Warcraft folder, and the patching process will resume after going through a short repair process.


      World of

      A new version of the 64-bit client files will be available for 4.3.3 after the patch is live. Please keep an eye on the 64-bit client forum thread for updated files.