diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-crusader-skill-passive-fervorFervorWhen an enemy dies within 15 yards, you gain 10% Attack Speed for 3 sec.
diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-crusader-skill-passive-heavenly-strengthHeavenly StrengthYou can wield a two-handed weapon in your main hand while bearing a shield in your off hand.

Your maximum movement speed is reduced by 10%.
diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-crusader-skill-passive-vigilantVigilantIncrease Life regeneration by 1366.

Reduce all non-Physical damage taken by 5%.
diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-crusader-skill-passive-fanaticismFanaticismYour primary skills generate an additional 3 Wrath.
diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-crusader-skill-passive-insurmountableInsurmountableWhen surrounded by 4 or more enemies within 12 yards, your Block Amount is increased by 30%.

Block Amount is granted by shields.
diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-crusader-skill-passive-nephalem-majestyNephalem MajestyIncrease the duration of Nephalem Glory by 30 sec.
diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-crusader-skill-passive-indestructibleIndestructibleGain 1% Armor for every 3% of Life missing.
diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-crusader-skill-passive-holy-causeHoly CauseThe amount of Holy damage dealt by your weapon is increased by 10%.

Whenever you deal Holy damage, you heal 1% of your total life.
diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-crusader-skill-passive-divine-fortressDivine FortressYour Armor is increased by your shield's Block Chance.
diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-crusader-skill-passive-wrathfulWrathfulGain 50% Wrath regeneration for 3 sec when you successfully block.
diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-crusader-skill-passive-lord-commanderLord CommanderThe cooldown of Steed Charge is reduced by 5 sec and Bombardment by 20 sec.

Damage dealt by Phalanx is increased by 20%.
diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-crusader-skill-passive-hold-your-groundHold Your GroundYou can no longer Dodge, but your Block Chance is increased by 15%.
diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-crusader-skill-passive-long-arm-of-the-lawLong Arm of the LawIncrease the duration of the Active effect of all Laws by 5 sec.
diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-crusader-skill-passive-iron-maidenIron MaidenGain 123646 Thorns.
diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-crusader-skill-passive-renewalRenewalWhenever you successfully Block, you gain 8197 Life.
diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-crusader-skill-passive-fineryFineryGain 70 resistance to all elements for every different color gem socketed into your gear.

If you have 5 different color gems socketed into your gear, you gain another 70 resistance to all elements.
diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-crusader-skill-passive-bluntBluntDamage dealt by justice and Blessed Hammer is increased 20%.
diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-crusader-skill-passive-towering-shieldTowering ShieldGain 2% Block Chance every second. This bonus is reset 1 sec after you successfully block an attack.