Over the past weeks, I have been updating a new project. I am transcribing the core quests of Diablo III through Act 1-6.

  • Core quests
  • NPC/Followers/Artisan dialogues per quest
  • Lore Gameplay video (only quests/dialogues)
  • Over 1000 screenshots

A very time-consuming project, and that’s only from the Necromancer’s point of view, with the Templar follower.

Over time, I’d like to add other Classes, and other Followers. Or at least, if and/or when their dialogue is unique.

If time allows, I might add non-core quests as well. The ones you find in the open world, or in random dungeons.

I think now that Diablo IV is in the horizon, 2-3 years away, and that Diablo III is officially in the Classic Games catalog — this project might be useful to those seeking lore or info– whether for personal use, or as reference to discuss in forums/Discord/Reddit/Wiki, etc.

Hope you enjoy the project. Follow @blizzplanetcom for updates — whenever new Acts or content are added.

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