A few days ago, the official Diablo III Twitter revealed the following information:

    “We’ve invited press to Blizzard HQ to help us make some important announcements on August 1st. What features do you hope/think we’ll reveal?”

I have been silently reading a lot of fan feedback at some forums, and thought it might be helpful to our international visitors to post when the press will be posting information by timezone:

  • 12:01 AM PDT – Los Angeles (UTC-7)
  • 1:01 AM MDT – Mountain USA (UTC-6)
  • 2:01 AM CDT – Central USA (UTC-5)
  • 3:01 AM EDT – New York City (UTC-4)
  • 2:31 AM VET – Caracas (UTC-4:30)
  • 4:01 AM ART – Rio de Janeiro (UTC-3)
  • 8:01 AM – Dublin (Ireland) (UTC+1)
  • 9:01 AM CEST – London, Paris (UTC+2)
  • 10:01 AM – Athens, Telaviv (UTC+3)
  • 11:01 AM MSD – Moscow (UTC+4)
  • 11:31 AM AFT – Kabul (UTC+4:30)
  • 12:31 PM IST – Mumbai (UTC+5:30)
  • 3:01 PM CST – Beijing (UTC+8)
  • 5:01 PM EST – Sydney (UTC+10)
  • 7:01 PM NZST – New Zealand (UTC+12)

Apologies if I missed any country or timezone, or for any mistakes. It might be possible there’s a mistake with Summer UTC changes. Look it up yourself. Go to this website to calculate your timezone. Hope this is helpful. I am conscious many of our visitors are from Europe and Asia. I check the traffic sources from time to time. Thank you for visiting.

Once the countdown is over, you will find at Blizzplanet and other fansites a lot of new info and to be honest — you are better off visiting all the press and fansites that attended this event. Here is why — each of them have different opinions, and share with you their personal view and personal experiences. While it may take you several hours to read the whole thing, in the end, it is worth your time.

This is not by any means a complete list of all the press sites who attended the Diablo III Press Event. You should also check out other fansites and gaming sites. All of them will share the same content, but each writer will have their own spice in their articles. Enjoy everyone’s work.