Cataclysm: Therazane Reputation Quartermaster Rewards

Players who adventure into the elemental plane of earth, Deepholm, will face several dangers to help the Earthen Ring restore balance between Azeroth and Deepholm in order to save both realms. Deathwing had been hidden in Deepholm since the second war, and with the assistance of the Twilight’s Hammer he emerged into Azeroth causing a rift between both realms that sundered the Maelstrom. Deathwing’s plan with this was to disable Uldum’s defenses.

Not all is lost. Your mission is to gather the three fragments that can restore the pillar at the temple of earth, and to gain the trust of Therazane the Stonemother — who possesses the last fragment. Players may continue to gain reputation with the Therazane faction by donning their Tabard and completing Heroic Cataclysm dungeons. Talk to D’lom the Collector (Therazane Quartermaster) to purchase reputation rewards. He may be found to the near the portal to the Temple of earth. Beneath is a list of Therazane reputation rewards:

Dragonmaw | Earthen Ring | Ramkahen | Therazane | Guardians of Hyjal

Dragonmaw | Earthen Ring | Ramkahen | Therazane | Guardians of Hyjal

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