Lead Content Designer Mumper calls PvP fans to queue to Tol Barad to help test the battleground. The developers will fight along with players. It’s a good way to get a feeling of the event to provide your feedback and suggestions to the developers. A forum thread will be open after this test ends.

[BLUE]We are planning to do a focused playtest on Tol Barad on Monday the 27th at 4pm PST. We would like to get as many players out there on the beta to help us as possible. You must be level 85 to join the battle. We will speed up the game timer so we can play multiple games during the test.

I will make a new feedback post after we finish the test for everyone to post in. Feedback is very important for us at this point so please take your time and try to be as concise as possible with your findings.

Thanks for the help![/BLUE]