BlizzCon Live Stream !!!

WoW Radio, ( was able to broadcast from Blizzcon in 2005 and 2007, this year, Blizzcon 2008 falls on WoW Radio’s 4 year anniversary (October 11th) and we plan on celebrating it with style by providing our most complete, live Blizzcon coverage yet. WoW Radio will be broadcasting all of the announcements and panels live via shoutcast audio, free of charge. Our site will feature an interactive schedule with multiple streams being broadcast simultaneously, allowing listeners to tune into any particular event they wish to listen to.

After each panel, announcement and scheduled event has finished, the broadcast will be uploaded as a podcast, and be made available via the site and our RSS feeds. Clicking on an event that has already happened, will direct you straight to the podcast for that event, allowing listeners to download or stream it from our website, whenever they wish. In addition to this coverage, we will be providing live shows, interviews and commentary throughout the day from our convention studio in Anaheim. WoW Radio hosts will be manning the stream all day, providing the World of Warcraft community with up to the minute topical discussion, debate and commentary on the information revealed at Blizzcon, as it happens. Exclusive interviews will also be happening throughout the day with such personalities as the cast of The Guild, as well as members of Blizzard entertainment, prominent machinimators, guilds and community members.

All of these interviews will be provided in both audio and video-format for high definition download and streaming. In addition, we will be inviting special guests such as the crew from WoW Insider and World of Warcast to join us on air in a celebration of WoW podcasting. We cordially invite any World of Warcraft podcasters who are attending the convention to contact the station and come and join us for our live shows.

If you would like to know more we have prepared this short podcast, detailing our plans for the event here.

We at WoW Radio would like to welcome the World of Warcraft community to join us in our Blizzcon IRC channels. Our staff will be on-hand to provide any technical assistance and field any questions you might have, so feel free to join either #blizzcon08 on or #wowradio on Those who do not have an IRC client, can use our on-site java application, by clicking on the chat link at the top of our page.

Since the coverage will be live and low-latency, we expect listeners to be the first to hear the announcements, so come and join the rest of the community and share in the excitement. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and we look forward to broadcasting to you guys at Blizzcon in October.

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