Wrath of the Lich King Beta Patch

Those of you who are planning to play beta should be aware to start downloading the beta patch. Tigole briefly collected some features to look forward in this new beta patch. It’s incomplete. More details soon. Remember to delete your WTF folder and Cache folder before launching the beta client. It will benefit you to do so to avoid lag and crashes.

I don’t have patch notes. Off the top of my head:

  • Heroics have all been re-tuned. We’d really like feedback on the Heroics this push.
  • 25 person raids have been re-tuned
  • Some tuning changes to 10 person raids
  • Many class changes. You won’t like the ones made to your own class but you’ll think the changes made to the 9 other classes are all overpowered.
  • More Icecrown quests and polish. We’d LOVE more Icecrown quest feedback. Please use the in-game feedback UI or post in the quest forums.
  • More Dalaran polish
  • Performance updates and new performance logging to help get the servers in good condition.
  • We’re working on getting a beta Glyph vendor in the build so you guys will have quick and easy access to all of the glyphs for feedback. That system *might* make this push.

I’m not the patch note guy but that’s my version of the patch notes.

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