The Wow Team and CMs invite fans to help test voice chat on the Public Test Realms.  It must be active by now, since the notice below was posted two days ago on Thursday.  This is a very cool feature that will help you interact with your guild and PUG groups without having to worry to open ventrillo and create a new profile, host name, etc. for each single PUG(pick-up group).  A nice feature for RP/RP-PvP servers too. Help test it.

Nethaera: “We are currently performing maintenance and applying a patch to the Public Test Realms (PTRs). This patch includes many changes, not the least of which is the new voice chat functionality. The realms will be coming back up at approximately 6:00 PM PDT today. We’re opening a new PvP PTR realm as well (and adding 4 more character copies for everyone) to help address some of the large queues that have been occurring.

Voice chat will not be enabled immediately today, although you may see some of the features it interacts with, including a new chat channel “organizer” tab in the social window. We plan to enable voice chat tomorrow morning, and as this is our first large scale test we ask that everyone please bear with us during this initial testing phase. We don’t expect any major issues, but with such a large and complex feature we’re certainly preparing for them.

Also, for now, voice chat will not be available in the battlegrounds.

Thanks for helping us test this new feature, please keep all feedback and bugs in the Test Realm forum, and we hope to see you on the PTR!”

Test Realm Forum:

PTR site with client download and character copies:

Below you may read the Voice Chat Feature FAQ: