Blizzard Entertainment announced plans to add a Pet Battle System feature to World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. This is a feature I was so much looking forward. As I grew my collection of 129 pets, it came to mind it would be nice to have some sort of Pokemon system clashing pets vs pets.

My eyes pop out when Cory Stockton announced the Pet Battle System. Not only can you and your pet level up to battle other pets, your entire account will have access to the Pet Collection, meaning you don’t have to collect the same pets over and over for each character.

Pet Battle System

  • Collect, level and battle with companion pets!
  • Accessible to all players
  • Works with almost every pet
  • New pets will be added for players to collect
  • Customize your pets

Collect Pets

  • Works with most existing pets
  • Wild pets! Players have to fight them to add them to their collection
  • Pet Journal – Certain pet spawn at day or night, in a rainy day, in a specific season. The journal shows you info.
  • Pets are tradeable in the Auction House
  • Account wide pets – any character in any server of a single account will have access to the pet collection.

Level Pets

  • Win battles to earn experience
  • Learn new abilities as you gain experience
  • Create builds using abilities
  • Each pet can use up to three abilities at one time
  • Every time the pet levels, increase stats
  • Level multiple pets to build your team


  • PvE & PvP battles
  • Turn based combat
  • Simple combat system
  • Fight with a team of 3 pets
  • Queuing system

Customize Pet

  • Name your pets
  • Items
  • Builds & Teams via UI slots
  • Masters & Abilities