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I’m surprised to see so many fans interested in the Battle for the Undercity and the in-game cinematic, and all the good feedback from fans thanking for investing time in the articles. I think it is the first time Blizzplanet hits 61,326 unique visitors in a single day. Yesterday, 43,130.

I will be working on adding Quartermaster loot during the week. Lot of work to do. I already got the screenshots. I just need to cut them and remove the transparency. Prepare HTML, etc. I do this stuff manually, the hard way. Setback is that these may change anytime during beta, and even post-retail.

The Quartermasters I will be working on during the week:
– Argent Crusader
– Kirin Tor
– Wyrmrest Accord

There is a new Fur Trader added in beta patch 8982 who gives over 30 leatherworker recipes. You simply trade fur and leather from Northrend beasts and he gives you the recipe at no extra cost. How cool is that?

Another stuff I will be adding is the Emblem of Heroism and Emblem of Valor Quartermaster loot.

I take the opportunity to announce Blizzplanet will be changing in upcoming weeks. Probably mid-October or earlier. After a lengthy time, Blizzplanet will be using Drupal CMS. This move is to allow more staff members to interact by posting news and content. Allowing more community integration with comments on each news. The current CMS was not made with so many visitors in mind. Changing to Drupal could enhance server performance and multiple connections. I will be welcoming a new staff member in Blizzplanet. Someone that is well known in the community. I’m glad to have him. I met him in Paris Blizzard WWI. We both share love and passion for Blizzard Games and the community.

I am heading to BlizzCon 2008 on October 10th and plan to bring as much media and info coverage as possible for Blizzplanet and Diablofans as well. Make sure to visit Blizzplanet by then. I will be gathering questions from the community to ask the Developers either on the Dev Q&A or in the press room. Thanks for supporting Blizzplanet. And many thanks to all the websites linking to Blizzplanet news: Bluesnews, WoWInsider, WorldofWar.net, Curse, Judgehype, Wowhead, Gamona, WoWVault (IGN), WoW Wiki, hope I don’t get in trouble mentioning MMO-Champion and WorldofRaids, Wotlk Wiki, ingame.de, buffed.de, ngacn, Scrollsoflore, N4G, WeGame, Elitistjerks, Nihilum, and so many others. Impossible to type all the hundreds of websites, but thanks to everyone.

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