The Birthplace of Liu Lang

The scroll is located in the Valley of the Four Winds at Stoneplow. It’s on the right side of the tallest building, on the eastern-side of Stoneplow. Coordinates: [20.29 – 56.00]

The famed pandaren explorer Liu Lang was born and raised here, in Stoneplow, on a small ranch near this very spot.

While he should have been helping to manage the family farm, Liu Lang often wandered to the cliffs south of here and stared out across the ocean. “I want to see what’s out there,” he famously declared to the derision of his peers (it was widely assumed the world had been destroyed in the Sundering.)

Liu Lang made inquiries about purchasing a boat, but local Anglers pointed out no boat could find its way home through the mists.

He later proclaimed he would explore the world on the back of a sea turtle, because sea turtles always return to the beach where they were born.

Afterwards, locals began to suspect that Liu Lang had eaten one too many bad turnips, and was no longer right in the head.


The Wandering Widow

The scroll can be found in the Valley of the Four Winds at the Thirsty Alley. It’s a few yards north of the Stormstout Brewery dungeon’s meeting stone. Coordinates: [34.69 – 63.98]

Many generations ago, Liu Lang the explorer returned to Pandaria every five years on the back of a giant sea turtle, collecting more and more explorers with each visit. Locals had taken to naming it “The Wandering Isle,” for the turtle had grown so large as to have a small town and temple built upon its back.

One year, local widow Mab Stormstout was grief-stricken over the loss of her husband to a tragic grape-press accident. She declared that Pandaria no longer had anything to offer her. With that, her and her young son Liao Stormstout climbed aboard the turtle, among the first brewmasters to do so.

The Wandering Isle has not returned to Pandaria in many generations. It is presumed that the turtle, Shen-zin Su, stopped returning to the mainland shortly after the death of his beloved friend Liu Lang.


A Most Famous Bill of Sale

The scroll is in the Valley of the Four Winds, outside the house at the top of Halfhill. Coordinates: [55.02 – 47.17]

On this site many generations ago stood Shen-zin’s Sundries, a supplier well-liked by the local farmers. One day the first Pandaren explorer, Liu Lang, walked into the store with a most unusual shopping list, records of which have survived to this day:

  • One lantern
  • Three liters lamp oil
  • Four packages of dehydrated fruit
  • Two sacks of dried peas
  • Four haunches of salt pork
  • Twelve liters of fresh water
  • One basket of hardtack
  • One compass
  • One spyglass

Liu Lang announced his intention to explore the world. Shen-Zin, humoring his client, suggested that Liu Lang should also bring an umbrella. He generously offered one for free.

Beaming, a grateful Liu Lang told Shen-Zin, “I shall name my sea turtle after you!” He happily carted away his supplies, whistling as he headed toward the beach, trailed by dozens of curious onlookers.


Waiting for the Turtle

The scroll can be found in Krasarang Wilds on the beach to the east of The Incursion. Coordinates: [72.27 – 31.17]

On this site many generations ago, equipped with little more than an umbrella and pack full of food, the young pandaren explorer Liu Lang set forth to explore the world on the back of a sea turtle.

At the time it was widely believed that the rest of the world had been destroyed in the Sundering. Common wisdom also had it that Liu Lang was … “damaged” in the head.

Everyone was proven wrong when Liu Lang returned five years later, spouting tales of mysterious lands beyond the sea. He would go on to return to Pandaria every five years for the rest of his days, his turtle growing bigger and bigger with each visit, until it was large enough to house an entire colony.

Pandaren afflicted with the wanderlust often stared out across the sea awaiting his return. To this day, when someone is caught gazing off to the horizon for any reason, they are often asked if they are “Waiting for the turtle.”