Rob Pardo told GameDaily.Biz Starcraft: Ghost is not dead yet!  We have heard this a few times now in the past months.  I am not saying this will happen any time soon, but it is not a canned game either.

BIZ: So I have to ask about a new Diablo and the status on StarCraft: Ghost, which I believe you probably get asked during every interview…

Rob Pardo: Yeah, I do. I don’t think that anyone ever believes us. Either that or they think that I’m going to slip up one of these days in a casual interview. Diablo… we love the universe. I’m sure one of these days, we’ll revisit it and do something in that universe but that day is not today. And as far as Ghost goes, we love that game concept and we consciously said that we’re putting it on indefinite hold. The game didn’t get made because we didn’t love the character and we didn’t love the concept. It didn’t get made because it wasn’t coming together in the way we wanted it to and we wanted to focus on our other projects. As I said earlier, if we had a development team available and they had a passion to do Ghost, we’d probably let them do it. That’s what it would take.

Thanks, InsideMacGames