Richard A. Knaak contacted me tonight to give you Europe fans a heads up on his upcoming Blizzard Tour through Europe, where he will be book signing Blizzard novels.  Any non-Blizzard novels are also welcome so don’t be shy. Here is what Richard A. Knaak reports:

Knaak: “I’ll be appearing at the following:

For Germany, I’ll be signing:

Königstrasse 27-29
Stuttgart at Karstadt Stuttgart
September 4th at 2:30 pm

ISTROCON / COMIC SALON 2007 (Special Guest)
SUZA in Bratislava, Slavokia
September 14-16

Arrakis bookstore
Veveri 24 (street address)
Brno, Czech Republic
September 17th at 2-5 pm

The focus of most of the signings will be my Blizzard books, but others should be available.”

Further details may be found at his blog.

While you are reading this, a reminder that Richard A. Knaak is writing two new Warcraft projects.  World of Warcraft: Night of the Dragon, a sequel to Day of the Dragon.  And the Tokyopop Burning Crusade Manga, still untitled, where Jorad Mace and Tyri will be main characters.  Keep an eye on Blizzplanet.  I will make sure to update details once they become available straight from Richard A. Knaak.