There is a protoss unit—I think it is the dark templar mechanical unit—that creates forcefields.  These forcefields can be used in various strategical situations such as creating a chokepoint where zerglings will be divided—those in the back won’t be able to do any damage while your units are ripping apart the ones in the front.  The forcefields can be placed also in a straight line forcing the enemy to have to walk around.  By then your ranging units can do heavy damage before the zerglings or any other melee unit is able to reach your units.

I asked Rob Pardo in the Q&A panel stream if they would add the Ghost abilities such as telekinesis and some form of telepathy or mind control which is characterized in the recent Starcraft novels and upcoming manga.  I will see if I can get you a video of the Q&A panel.  I approached Rob Pardo personally after the Q&A to get my press badge signed by him, and to follow up on the Ghost questions.  Pretty much they want to make the Ghost a fearful assassin unit.  With the current ability to snipe they can virtually kill anything in a few shots, except the bulky Ultralisk and other big units. However, with my point listened let’s see if they can apply some interesting abilities from the lore in these novels to make justice to the Ghost’s telekinetic/telepathic core abilities that could be used in higher tiers.  A ghost could have telekinetic version of that protoss forcefield ability for specific strategic tasks.  Maybe move doodads around telekinetically or toss doodads at enemy units, create chokepoints with doodads.  Really hope they create something viable.

The mothership timebomb can be used strategically just before your mothership is about to die.  That can give it the extra time to do damage with the units it is protecting.


Position carefully to do aoe damage. Keep them on high ground to ambush a group in the lower terrain.  It does a large fire stream.

The Thor

Assault unit from the factory Anti-air flak cannons, self-repair system creates tactical choices.  Once the Thor dies the wreckage remains in the battlefield.  You can choose to spend resources to repair the Thor back to action.

Four Thors and five marines were able to destroy a large group of mutalisks.  Since the enemy didn’t finish up the wreckage, the Thor was able to rebuild itself.

In the future …

– Macro vs micro
– upgrade systems
– special abilities
– Battlenet
– Story Campaign

By the end of the year, Blizzard will be able to talk more about the story campaign.  It is about one third done thus far.