BlizzCon 2016 Blizzard 25th Anniversary Panel Transcript

This is a full transcript of the BlizzCon 2016 Blizzard 25th Anniversary Panel. Among the panelists are the following game developers:

  • Mike Morhaime (CEO)
  • Frank Pearce (chief development officer)
  • Allen Adham (senior vice president)
  • Bob Fitch (technical director)
  • Sam Didier (senior art director)

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Bow before him, mortals!

You have likely already seen our recent post detailing Ragnaros and his abilites, difficulty and skill set. Here’s some extra information about the Firelord and why you should care.
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StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void 3.9.0 Patch Notes

Blizzard Entertainment released a new StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Patch which introduces Commander Stukov to the Co-op Missions. A new bundle includes the three Nova Covert Ops missions and the Nova Commander for Co-op Missions. Updates for the WCS Observer interface. 4 new maps for 1v1 Community Custom Maps & 2017 Ladder Season 1. Changes to the Co-op mission commanders, multiplayer balances, and bug fixes.

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Ragnaros is a melee assassin hailing from the World of Warcraft universe. He is great at dominating lanes with AOE, …read more