Empty Nest

Oren Windstrider: I’ve taken an inventory of the eggs you recovered. Some among the bunch may still have a chance …read more

Tamer Takedown

Oren Windstrider: The drogbar will continue to breed vicious worms as long as their tamer lives. Korgrol is responsible for …read more

Eagle Egg Recovery

Oren Windstrider: Eagles are revered by the Skyhorn tribe, but their numbers are dwindling. The drogbar feed their fledgling worms …read more

Fledgling Worms

Oren Windstrider: The eagles of Highmountain are in danger of becoming extinct if the drogbar aren’t stopped.

Oren Windstrider: The …read more

A True Hunter

Lorna Stoutfoot: I don’t know why Hemet hunts with Razik. His contraptions are unreliable at best! A true hunter doesn’t …read more