Warcraft III: Frozen Throne - Human Campaigns

I had delayed the content of Warcraft III: Frozen Throne to add Warcraft: Orcs and Humans and Warcraft II Campaign Missions.  Now that this is out of the way, I have resumed adding Campaign Missions of Frozen Throne once more.  This time you can read the Human Campaign.  Enjoy!  If you want us to add other info from Frozen Throne, suggestions are welcome.

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to visitors of Blizzplanet, Blizzard Entertainment, to our programmer DarkNemesis, the Modding Communities of Star Alliance, Sovereign Empire, Campaign Creations and WC3Campaigns; and to the folks at Azzor.com our new Hosting.

Big Shout Outs to our Warcraft Lore Forum Community over at RP-PvP.com and its admins Firence and Meara.  Join the forums for some sweet lore discussion.

We don’t want to forget wishing Happy New Year to our great Folks interviewed in the past at Blizzplanet: Richard A. Knaak, Christie Golden, Luke Johnson, Julian Kwasneski and his folks at Basound.com, Mike Huang, Glynnis Talken now under pseudonym Sarah McKerrigan, Bill Roper & Flagship Studios, Jason Hayes and Jeff Grubb.

And why not?  To some of the networks that have supported Blizzplanet’s news:  Bluesnews, Ve3d(IGN), JudgeHype, WCRadio, RPGdot, Gamebanshee, Shacknews, Wow.Stratics, WowVault.IGN, Wow-Europe, Worldofwarcraft.com and others.

Teron Gorefiend in Kharazhan?

Added an article that will make a few thrill in uncertainty and excitement.  Is Teron Gorefiend in Kharazhan?  This is speculation, but fuel for thought.  Check out few evidences that might be interpreted as proof of Teron Gorefiend and the Death Knights of the Shadow Council be in Kharazhan.

Tablets of Mosh’aru & Hakkar

Added one new entry to our Wow Story Arcs section: The Mosh’aru Tablets and Hakkar the Soulflayer.  How is this story arc important to the World of Warcraft storyline?  It makes a connection between the Emerald Dream’s Nightmare affecting Eranikus and the Four Corrupted Dragons:  Taerer, Emeriss, Lethon, and Ysondre; with the Old god C’Thun and Hakkar the Soulflayer.

How’s that?  We know that Eranikus the Green Dragon comments he is been corrupted by Hakkar in the Emerald Dream.  And the troll Melthor in Yojamba Isle refers to Hakkar the Soulflayer as a Faceless One.  Faceless Ones are known to serve the Old gods. Read the story arc.

Blizzplanet’s Wow Movie Contest

Blizzplanet announces a new World of Warcraft Movie Contest.  Four Winners will get a free World of Warcraft RPG Corebook Ruleset eBook and other winners will get a free registration code of GameCam (Full version).

Check out the Contest Rules

Duskwood Graveyard in Patch 1.9

Showing some CM Humor, Eyonix replied that patch 1.9 will make the Graveyard of Raven Hill, Duskwood, work properly. This will alleviate a lot of the frustration of walking for 5 minutes to your corpse.

[email protected]’dan:  If you die in the Raven Hill,it is a really long distance to cover your corpse ,what do you think ,I just think the graveyard at Sentinel Hill is nearer than Duskwood’s if you die in Raven Hill. Just some complain ,can Blizzard make the death choose the graveyard much more “clever”?

Eyonix: The good news is that the last content patch included a new graveyard at RavenHill, however, the bad news is that it’s not working correctly. Fortunately, this should be fixed in patch version 1.9.

In the meantime, please follow the very simple work-around which has been outlined in great detail below, and tested extensively proving to be a successful way in which players can avoid encountering this bug.

1) Don’t die.

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Warcraft RPG Books: Official and Canon

Eyonix has confirmed that all Warcraft RPG books and Novel pocketbooks are Official and Canon to the Warcraft Lore, in reply to a fan who bashed the Warcraft RPG books as senseless and irrelevant:

[email protected]: Many people seems to think the RPG book are a part of warcraft lore, but those book were written by author that had almost nothing to do with bliz, sure they based their books on warcraft but it still just their point of view on warcraft, it has nothing to do with the lore we see in the game. If its not in W1, W2, W3, WoW or the game manual its just not in warcraft lore. The books like ?lord of the clan? can be considered like a small part of warcraft lore since even if its not bliz who written those they had the last word on the publication and they gived to the author the basic scenario. But stop telling us part of the RPG books when you want to argue with someone, thats useless because the warcraft RPG books are not a part of warcraft lore.

Eyonix: “Any piece of literature authorized and licensed by Blizzard Entertainment is in-fact, official. The book series written by Richard A. Knaak in particular is an excellent example of real ‘Azerothian’ history and lore available outside of our game software. We work closely with authors that help us expand our game universe, and the information should be considered official.

I’m very sorry but your assumptions are not correct.”

Visit our Warcraft RPG Books and Warcraft Novel Books Sections.  The RPG Books are downloadable PDFs and are PC/Mac/Linux Compatible (Require Adobe Acrobat 7).

We recommend Lands of Conflict—narrated by Brann Bronzebeard, and Shadow & Light—describing the Emerald dream, Elemental Lords, the Nightmare, the Titans, Ancients, Dragon Aspects, Elemental Plane, Twisting Nether, Outland and many bios of heroes.

King of Stormwind Video

Few weeks ago, Tigole revealed that the King of Stormwind would be relocated from Alcaz Island as a follow up for the Missing Diplomat Quest Series.  The Epic quest moves you from Westfall to Lakeshire, seeking info about the Defias Brotherhood, which is led by Edwin Van Cleef, ex-disciple of the leader of SI:7.  Lore may be read Here.  Later on, back at Stormwind the plot thickens as you discover that the Missing Diplomat is really the King of Stormwind who has been kidnapped by the Defias Brotherhood before he arrived to the coast of Dustwallow Marsh in his trip to meet Jaina Proudmoore at Theramore.

Visiting Wetlands, you find out a Theramore soldier involved in the kidnapping of the King, is really a Defias spy within the ranks of Theramore Armada. Once you capture him in Dustwallow Marsh, Jaina Proudmoore teleports to greet and thank you. The Quest ends there with no follow up as to the whereabouts of the King, nor hints you how to free him.  The Quest is simply incomplete.  However, Tigole mentioned the storyline will finally have a follow up in upcoming patches. We have a video to show you where the King is held at captive, before patch 1.9 comes live.  The Patch 1.9 will be released some time after New Year’s Holiday—details here.

Missing Diplomat—King of Stormwind
” This quest line is going to be re-addressed in the future. In patch 1.9, the King has mysteriously escaped from Alcaz”

Test Servers are up now, and the King of Stormwind is no longer in Alcaz Island.  New mobs have been added to guard Doctor Weavil, a mysterious Gnome lvl 63 Elite.  An airplane operated by two Dwarves lvl 60 Elite is sitting outside the cabin.  These mobs are allied to the Naga.  The plot thickens.

Watch the Wow: King of Stormwind Video (Requires: WMV 10)

Mac OS X/Linux Users: download VLC movie player here

Richard A. Knaak Newsletter: Diablo Series

Diablo: Moon of the Spider
Diablo: Moon of the Spider

Richard A. Knaak’s Newsletter is out, and he let us know what’s up in his list of upcoming Novel books.  First, in the Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo line of pocketbooks and other franchises:

MOON OF THE SPIDER, my latest foray into the world of DIABLO!  The book is due out in December just after Christmas and features the return of Zayl from THE KINGDOM OF SHADOW.  I hope that you enjoy it!

This coming year will see several new releases, too.  The second installment in the Warcraft Manga: The Sunwell Trilogy book two: Shadows of Ice, the paperback of the final part of the Minotaur Wars for Dragonlance, new works in the Conan world and more Diablo.  More as those become reality, along with announcements of new projects!

In the meantime, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all those who celebrate them and may everyone enjoy a terrific New Year!


Richard A. Knaak

The Full Front and Back Cover of Diablo: Moon of the Spider

Patch 1.9 after New Year’s

Patch 1.9 won’t be released to the public until January according to World of Warcraft Quest Designer Tigole.  Some bugs are still under wraps, and it is possible Test Servers are opened once more temporarily to make sure a bug was properly fixed.

Tigole: ” We were hoping to Patch on December 13th but we all agreed that 1.9 was not ready yet and still needed some tuning and bug fixing. So we made a few changes and fixes and released those builds on the PTR. Currently, the PTR builds are pretty close to what we’re going to release. However, because of the changes we’ve made internally, the PTR build is now out of date. We don’t really gain anything by leaving an old build on the PTR. We’re probably going to bring the PTR’s up one last time to make sure the sync bug is fixed and then bring them down again.

It is unlikely that we will patch during the end of December. We like to have “all hands on deck” when we patch so we can respond to emergency issues as quickly as possible. Players in North America tend to think of it as “patch day” but for those of us at Blizzard, it’s more like “patch week”. One day we patch Europe, the next the US, then Korea, then China etc.—all on different days (this is done so that we don’t bring down their servers during primetime).

If you wanted an ETA, my best guess would be very shortly after New Years”

IRC Dev Chat at Warcry with Blizzard

WarCry Network performed a devchat with Blizzard World of Warcraft developers on Monday, December 19, 2005 at 9 PM EST/6 PM PST. In attendance were present Jeff “Tigole” Kaplan and Tom “Kalgan” Chilton as well as Caydiem. Tyren and Thundgot(Wow-Europe).

The Public Q&A took place at:

Server: irc.warcry.com
Port: 6667
Channel: #wow

World of Warcraft Reaches 5 Million Customers

More and more players join World of Warcraft every day, and believe it or not, Blizzard has hit yet another million.  Not bad for first year, huh!  Read the Press Release

Following World of Warcraft’s launch last month in the regions of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau, we’re proud to announce that Azeroth is now the stomping ground of choice for more than five million customers worldwide. Click here to see our new press release detailing the game’s latest achievement. We sincerely thank all of the players around the world who have helped us bring each individual World of Warcraft realm to life over the past year.

Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness Ten-Year Anniversary

Ten years ago, Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness was released. It quickly became Blizzard?s first #1-selling title and went on to help shape the direction of our company. To celebrate the game’s 10-year anniversary, we have created a page commemorating some of Warcraft II’s achievements. Click the link in the previous sentence for a glimpse into Warcraft’s past and a look at some of the reviews and articles written about the game over the last decade.

Is World of Warcraft a Failure?

A World of Warcraft player made his voice heard by a Blizzard Representative, Eyonix, who replied.  It is common to find in the Official forums many fans that share the same thoughts. However, not everyone’s opinion agree.  Eyonix made a lengthy statement concerning his point of view surrounding World of Warcraft’s current status and future plans.

Source: Wow Forums

Link might be pruned in few days

Blizzplanet: Upper Deck Interview Soon

We have a preliminar acceptance to a Public Q&A with Upper Deck—according to Don Williams, Upper Deck PR Manager.  We are awaiting to set a day/time schedule with Claudine Ricanor—Sr. Public Relations Specialist—to talk about the upcoming release of World of Warcraft Upper Deck Trading Cards.

We know many fans are expecting this new Trading Cards, and wish to know everything about its features, specially some info on the special codes that will allow players to have unique changes to their in-game characters of World of Warcraft MMORPG. But let’s not go too ahead. We don’t know how much info we might be able to squeeze out.  Blame the infamous NDAs.

On another note, our apologies in advance for the delay on the Public Q&A with Jeff Grubb—writer of Warcraft: The Last Guardian. He is been busy lately according to his blogsite. Recently he was affected by the flu, as well. Cold weather FTW.

DriveThruRPG affiliates have granted us 4 World of Warcraft RPG Ruleset ebooks to giveaway in a contest to our fans and visitors.  We will gonna figure out a contest pretty soon.  I’m withholding these until I get to iron out a date/time with UpperDeck. Stay tuned for any updates on the Upper Deck Public Q&A and a possible Contest.

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WC3Campaigns is Back: New Administration

Few weeks ago, a message on the main page of WC3Campaigns confirmed the official death of the community, which would no longer be hosted or be active.  However, in the backstage, former members of the Modding Community have been at wide lengths trying to save as much of the forums database and content to relaunch the Modding Community under new administration.  Comment is that the former leaders won’t have administrative access to the Admin Panel nor IRC Channel.  The website is now hosted in a different server not controlled by former leaders. Since the site was officially declared death, the content was out for grabs to anyone that wished to carry the torch.  With new flame and new life, the Mod Community of WC3Campaigns seems to aim new and fresh goals.  The new Community is located at a different domain name: http://www.wc3campaigns.net

Welcome to Wc3Campaigns!!

After nearly a month of hard work, Wc3Campaigns is back online and ready to go. However one might say that Wc3campaigns has been down for nearly seven months; after Draco, Wc3Campaigns former administrator, moved to his VE system from the old vB3 system. During this move many users were lost and the community as a whole began to fall apart. Then, toward the end of November, Draco finally gave up and announced officially that Wc3Campaigns was to die. Within hours posts appeared on all the major Warcraft III message boards, and e-mails started flying. The original Wc3Campaigns staff came together and made the decision, it was time for a change.

This change has occurred in many ways, not only the obvious changes in the board?s systems, but in attitude as well as in a sense of mind. The staff has been changed slightly, but with the new administration Wc3Camaigns hopes to bring back the old, fresh sense off Warcraft III modding. The attitude of Wc3Campaigns? staff has changed, and will continue to change and adapt. With all these additions, the administration is confident that Wc3Campaigns will be restored.

Much skepticism has been brought about the return of Wc3Campaigns, and most is justifiable. However the staff vow to prove that Wc3Campaigns can and will meet all the standards it should have long ago. Welcome to the rebirth of Wc3Campaigs, welcome to a friendly community where you can learn and teach, welcome home.

Site Director

GameCam Upgrade

GameCam is our software of choice for recording movies of World of Warcraft.  It allows you to record uninterrupted, offers a real-time onscreen viewer, and saves to WMV format. It was updated recently to version

Game Cam has been updated to build to correct an issue with Profile Manager where remapping the Interface hot key to ?none? made Game Cam inoperable in-game. We also corrected a minor issue that affected some OpenGL games. Game Cam no longer generates an error after recording for more than 4 minutes. Game Cam Lite is now corrected and has been added to the downloads page. See the change log on the downloads page for a complete list of changes/updates


Patch 1.9: Test Server Shutdown

It’s Official. Wow Test Servers Shutdown today.  Will Patch 1.9 go live next Tuesday’s Maintenance Schedule? We will have to wait and see.

Hortus: ” The Test Realm shutdown concludes this phase of public PTR testing of the 1.9 patch.

We would like to thank all of those that participated in the testing of this patch and for all of the amazing feedback. Our design team has received invaluable information from the forums, through emails, and from shadowing guilds in Ahn’Qiraj. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.”

Feast of the Winter Veil Preview

Blizzard released a preview of the Feast of the Winter Veil content for this year.  The Feast of Winter Veil has once again come to Azeroth! In addition to the quests and fun that were available last year, there are all-new activities and goodies. You can now have Reindeer Mounts, shapeshift into a Snowman, and more.

XFire & Blizzard’s Wow Movies Contest

Are you an aspiring filmmaker? If so, you’re in the right place! The World of Warcraft Movie Contest sponsored by Xfire is a great way for up-and-coming directors to show off their moviemaking skills. We’re looking for players to create movies, set in Azeroth, in three main categories: Dance, Comedy, and Drama. The content requirements for the movies are open-ended, as long as they’re created in game.

This contest runs from December 14, 2005 to January 21, 2006. Five prizes, such as Xbox 360 Premium game consoles, XFX GeForce 7800 GTX video cards (PCI-Express), and Sound Blaster X-Fi Platinum sound cards, will be awarded for each of the three categories listed above. In addition, 10 prizes will be awarded for special categories, including: Best Picture, Best Dialog, Best Editing, and Best Music. Check out the rules Here.

We recommend downloading GameCam to record Movies directly from World of Warcraft. You can toogle GameCam On-screen Viewer by pressing \ + F4  and you can start and stop recording by pressing \ + F12 button.  You can customize the function buttons.  Windows Users may go to START> Video> Windows Movie Maker to edit the movie file.

From XFire:

Blizzard Entertainment and Xfire are very proud to present the world’s
largest ever machinima contest with over $10,000 in prizes from AMD,
Hypernia, Creative Labs, XFX, D-Link, Corsair, ZBoard and ?Time Games!

Are you ready to make history and create the best World of Warcraft
movies ever?

The contest involves entrants producing movies using the Blizzard
Entertainment MMORPG World of Warcraft game engine to create imaginative
movies in the three main categories of Dance, Comedy and Drama. Six
prizes will be awarded for each category. An additional Twenty prizes
will be awarded in special categories including Best Music, Best Dialog, Best Action Scene, Best Pun or Line, and Best Editing and Special
Effects. A special prize from Hypernia will also be awarded to a
selected movie. Entries must be submitted by January, 21st 2006.
You will find here all the information about the contest: rules,
categories, prizes… http://www.xfire.com/xf/wowcontest.php


Frederic Descamps-  Business Development & Marketing

Warcraft 2: Alliance & Horde Flags

Doing follow up on our new Warcraft II Content for lore purposes as background for World of Warcraft, we have added content from the Game Manual, showing the flags, colors, leaders/chieftains of each faction within the Alliance and Horde. Check it out Here. Enjoy!

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Warcraft III Patch 1.20b

Blizzard released a new update for Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and Frozen Throne, rising it to patch 1.20b.  If you have Only Reign of Chaos download it Here.  If you have Frozen Throne, download it Here. International versions for PC/Mac available at the links provided.


  • Fixed a crash that could happen in multiplayer games.

CVG: Burning Crusade Interview

Computers & Video Games Magazine Online interviewed Shane Dabiri concerning the upcoming World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade expansion.  Although no further new details were revealed, there was a small bonus that clears up what Jewelcrafting Profession will be about:

CVG: What types of buffs/powers will jewels created in Jewelcrafting offer, and will powers from jewels put in sockets be on top of base buffs given by these items?

Shane Dabiri: We’re still examining how buffs offered by jewels will work with regard to those given by the socketed items themselves. Also, we’re not quite ready to get into the types of buffs that jewels will offer; however, it’s important to note that jewelcrafters will use jewels to create rings, trinkets, and necklaces, so you can begin to imagine some of the ways in which they’ll be very important to their fellow players.

Warcraft II: The Dark Portal Content

We have added the Campaigns Lore from Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal—where you can read that Khadgar, Alleria, Kurdran, Turalyon and Danath escaped through one of the Portals before Draenor collapsed.  Blizzard Entertainment’s President Mike Morhaime commented at BlizzCon that the Heroes would be in the World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Expansion. As previously announced, we are presenting this lore from:

… in the waking of an upcoming Public Q&A with Jeff Grubb—Author of Warcraft: The Last Guardian.  This official novel pocketbook tells the story of Medivh—which covers the happenings within the Tower of Kharazhan, located at Deadwind Pass, during the First and Second Wars. Thus, It is important for all fans to read our content(left menu) and to read Warcraft: The Last Guardian to prepare lorewise for the World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Expansion.  You can purchase the book Here

Be ready to prepare questions for Jeff Grubb, as you might be able to ask him on IRC chat soon.  A definite date/time will be announced during December.

Warcraft: Orcs & Humans Content

We started adding new content from Warcraft: Orcs and Humans, the first in the Warcraft series, released by Blizzard Entertainment back on 1994-1995.  The first content is the Horde Campaign and the Game Manual Lore. Tomorrow, the Human Campaign will be added along with some screenshots and info from the Game Manual. Enjoy, and hope it brings nostalgic memories to the old veterans!

Feel free to post your comments or petition in the forum.

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Community: Samods Pact of Vengeance

Blizzard have announced the winners of their cinematic contest over at their mod site.

SAVAGE Administrator Lavarinth, as well as music by our very own resident composer Melda, was featured in King Klear’s Pact of Vengeance, which received an honourable mention! Congrats to both.

Read more details Here.
Download Pact of Vengeance Here into your Warcraft III Maps directory.
Jason Hayes—Blizzard Music Composer—congratulated the winner on his personal website

Voodoo Extreme: Favorite Fansites Poll

Voodoo Extreme(IGN) will start a new Poll titled “What is your Favorite Fansite”. They are asking players to submit their favorite fansites to pick candidates for the poll.  If you consider Blizzplanet among your favorite fansites you visit often, feel free to submit us to them in their Comments Page.