Starcraft: The Board Game Pre-Order Bonus

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“Hell… it’s about time.”

StarCraft: the Board Game is about to hit game tables worldwide, and Fantasy Flight Games is proud to offer a special promotion for customers who pre-order StarCraft: the Board Game through brick-and-mortar game stores and the FFG online store!

When you pre-order StarCraft: the Board Game before Monday, October 22, 2007 through your Friendly Local Game Store or on the FFG Online Store, you can receive three high-quality art prints featuring images from the upcoming StarCraft 2 videogame: One 24” x 36” poster depicting a Terran Marine, and two 8-1/2” x 11” prints—one a Dark Templar, and the other showcasing scenery from the StarCraft universe.

If you pre-order StarCraft: the Board Game from your participating local game store, the prints will be sent to the store at approximately the same time as your game. If you order from the FFG online store, they will be sent directly to you with your game.

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