Patch 2.3 - Renewed Hopes

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This type of forum threads are worth reading. A fan had recently decided to cancel his account, and when read about the new feature in patch 2.3 that allows you to level up faster, he thank Blizzard. Vaneras replied there is no ETA for Patch 2.3

Projectile @ Sylvanas: I was just about to quit the game and cancel my subscription today straight after work, as I realised how much time it would take to level my alt to 60/70 on a PvP realm…it just seemed too dull and sooo boring!

I don’t read forums much but it’s pretty quiet in the office today and I accidently came across some 2.3. posts and the changes are really promising! The game might actually be fun again ( and I only play for fun, none of that stupid 25-hour-raiding-to-get-1-new-item stuff).

Anyways I’ve been wondering when (approxiamately) this very welcomed patch will be going live? To me it’s about cancelling my sub now and renewing when it does or just sticking to it a little longer if 2.3. is going to be released soon?

I presume no date’s been mentioned by Blizz, but from your experience with patches what’s the least/most time it would take to implement it?

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