New Hardware in Four Weeks

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New Hardware is coming to a realm server near you in four weeks. Let’s hope it solves the lag and problems affecting players in US Servers.  The new hardware is coming in preparation of the Burning Crusade.  Hopefully that means Closed Beta starts on September-November range.

Eyonix: “We wanted to provide a quick update on where we stood in terms of retrofitting existing realms with new hardware in preparation for the Burning Crusade expansion. Over the next four weeks, new equipment will be arriving on location at our World of Warcraft sites, and once everything is in place, we will be able to begin the extensive installation procedures. Ultimately, this new hardware will give our older realms nearly double their current processing power, which will significantly improve overall game performance.

It’s possible that during the upgrade process, extended maintenance periods may be necessary; however, we’ll make certain to provide those affected with ample notification.

In addition, prior to beginning the retrofitting process, we do plan to implement some short-term upgrades for the handful of realms that have been most severely impacted by stability and performance issues. Well provide further details on this procedure as soon as we can. Were 100% dedicated to ensuring World of Warcraft offers the most enjoyable experience possible for all players, and as always, we thank everyone for their continued support.”

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