Kazo contacted me from Slovakia.  Richard A. Knaak is reviewing the questions submited by the community.  Tomorrow, Kazatel will meet Knaak for a video interview, where he will answer most of them. Stay tuned to the news.  Kazatel will have the video interview ready soon.

The questions cover Warcraft: Night of the Dragon, the upcoming Burning Crusade Manga (hopefully we can get further details), the final book of Diablo: The Sin War Trilogy and more.

Remember, If you live in Slovakia – Richard A. Knaak is still book signing until tomorrow Sunday. At least 4,000 people are expected to this event where Knaak is a special guest and a panelist.  Call the bookstore to find out what time he is expected. Please, word of mouth.  Tell fansites and game sites in your area.  Post on local forums.

On Monday September 17, Knaak will be in the Czech Republic book signing for three hours.

September 14-16
ISTROCON / COMIC SALON 2007 (Special Guest)
SUZA in Bratislava, Slavokia

September 17 2-5pm
Arrakis bookstore
Veveri 24 (street address)
Brno, Czech Republic