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Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Crusader Skills (Videos)




Cooldown: 20 sec
Generate: 30 Wrath

Taunt all nearby enemies and instantly generate an additional 5 Wrath for every enemy taunted. Taunted enemies will focus their attention on you for 4 sec.
diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-crusader-skill-punish-rune-retaliateRune: Cleanse

For each enemy successfully taunted, you gain 546 additional Life on Hit for 5 sec.
diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-crusader-skill-punish-rune-celerityRune: Flee Fool

Provoke no longer taunts, but causes monsters to flee in terror 8 sec.
diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-crusader-skill-slash-rune-crushRune: Too Scared to Run

Taunted enemies have their attack speed reduced by 50% and movement speed slowed by 80% for 4 sec.
diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-crusader-skill-slash-rune-carveRune: Charged Up

For 4 sec after casting Provoke, any damage you deal will also deal 50% weapon damage as lightning.
diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-crusader-skill-slash-rune-electrifyRune: Hit Me

For 4 sec after casting Provoke your block chance is increased by 50%.

Steed Charge

diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-crusader-skill-utility-charge-steed-no-runeSteed Charge

Cooldown: 15 sec

Mount a celestial war horse that allows you to ride through enemies unimpeded for 2 sec.
diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-crusader-skill-slash-rune-zealRune: Ramming Speed
The war horse now deals 350% weapon damage per second and knocks away enemies through which you ride.
diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-crusader-skill-slash-rune-carveRune: Nightmare
The War Horse is consumed with righteous fire, scorching all who walk in its path for 900% weapon damage as Fire over 4 sec.
diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-crusader-skill-slash-rune-crushRune: Rejuvenation
While riding the War Horse you will recover 15% of your life.
diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-crusader-skill-slash-rune-electrifyRune: Endurance
Increases the duration to 4 sec.
diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-crusader-skill-punish-rune-furyRune: Draw and Quarter
Bind 5 monsters near you with chains and drag them as your ride, dealing 20% weapon damage per second.



Cooldown: 15 sec

Build up a massive explosion, unleashing it after 3 sec, dealing 1250% weapon damage as Holy to all enemies within 15 yards.
diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-crusader-skill-slash-rune-zealRune: Reciprocate

You take 50% damage while the explosion is building, which is then added to the damage of the explosion.
diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-crusader-skill-slash-rune-electrifyRune: Vacuum

As the explosion charges up, it sucks in monsters. The closer it is to exploding, the more monsters it sucks in.
diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-crusader-skill-slash-rune-crushRune: Eternal Retaliation

For every monster hit by the explosion, the cooldown is reduced by 1.
diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-crusader-skill-slash-rune-carveRune: Shattering Explosion

The damage area is increased to 20 yards.
diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-crusader-skill-slash-rune-guardRune: Unleashed

The explosion now goes off instantly.



Cost: 30 Wrath

Summon powerful avatars who charge forward to targeted destination. Enemies caught in the path of the charge take 295% weapon damage.
diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-crusader-skill-slash-rune-zealRune: Bowmen
The summoned avatars wield bows and attack enemies as they march, dealing 100% weapon damage.
diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-crusader-skill-punish-rune-celerityRune: Shield Charge
The summoned avatars charge the target and all perform a shield bash, damaging the enemies at that location dealing 75% weapon damage.
diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-crusader-skill-punish-rune-rebirthRune: Stampede
Summon warhorses that charge and knockback the enemy with a 25% chance to stun enemies for 2 sec.
diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-crusader-skill-slash-rune-carveRune: Shield Bearer
The avatars no longer walk forward, but plant at the summoned location, blocking all enemies from moving through.
diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-crusader-skill-punish-rune-furyRune: Bodyguard
Instead of sending the avatars out away from you, you summon 2 Avatars of the Order to protect you, who fight by your side for 10 Sec. Each Avatar will attack for 100% of your weapon damage as Physical.

The avatars can only be summoned once every 30 sec.

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