BlizzCon 2008 Big Blizzard Bear - Polar Bear Mount

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So you went to Blizzcon and got that juicy Blizzcon 2008 Card with a beta key for an unknown upcoming game and a Big Blizzard Bear Mount code right? Well, what the heck are you waiting for to redeem that mount?

Go to

Enter the code from your Blizzcon 2008 card. When you submit it, the website will auto-generate a brand-new code for you. Make sure to copy that code. Don’t close the page just yet.

Launch World of Warcraft. If you are Alliance go to Ironforge, to the Forlorn Caverns and talk to Ransin Donner. If you are Horde go to Orgrimmar, to the Valley of Honor by the Fishing Supplies vendor. Talk to Zas’Tysh (orc).

Select the Big Blizzard Bear option. Paste the code provided by the website. You will loot the mount. Click it to learn it. Where did it go?!! No worries. Open your character window (C). At the bottom, locate the Pet tab.  At the top you will see two tabs: Companions and Mounts.  You will find your Big Blizzard Bear under Mounts tab. Drag the icon and drop it on the spell-bar.

You: “Oh wait! What’s the Bear icon still doing on my inventory bag? It’s just taking space and not doing anything!”

Sighs, read what the icon says … Bound on Account. Cool ain’t it? Go to the nearest mailbox, and drag that Bear icon into the Send mail window. You can mail it to any of your account alt-characters. All your alts get this awesome Blizzcon mount. Watch the video! (Screenshots after the break)


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