Michele Morrow and Azrael Become NPCs in World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

Scream Queen of horror films actress Michele Morrow was alerted by Blizzard Entertainment during the weekend that she has stepped into virtual immortality in World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria as a pandaren NPC named Mei Chele. Next to Mei Chele is a cat named Azrael. Cool easter egg!

This NPC has a few random routines sitting inside the house, or walking outside drawing a heart above her head as Lamplighter Mu approaches to interact with her. She sometimes sits outside above a crate.

That’s kinda fun considering Michele has spent the past months posing in photos wearing a Panda-like hat — Photo: Michele Morrow & boyfriend Michael Weitzman.

Michele Morrow has an awesome cat named Azrael who appears often in her facebook page.

Lamplighter Mu and Samus sounded pretty suspicious, so I researched and found out that Michele Morrow’s boyfriend is named Michael Weitzman (M.W.) … Lamplighter Mu (get it?). Mu has a cat named Samus in-game. Michele’s second cat is named Samus — photo from Michele’s Facebook.

The actress is widely known by the community as someone interested in the role of Sylvanas in the upcoming World of Warcraft film by Legendary Pictures. As of San Diego Comic Con 2012, this past week, Sam Raimi acknowledged he is no longer directing the Warcraft film after he accepted to direct the Oz: The Great and Powerful film.

Players can currently find Mei Chele at the Mandori Village in the Pandaren level 1-10 starting zone. Mandori Village is located south of the Temple of the Five Dawns, and west of The Dai-Lo Farmstead.

Share some <3 love to Michele Morrow at the following facebook page where her fans are commenting and congratulating her about this new NPC.

Michele Morrow has acted in Basement Jack (2009), Bled (2009), Ashley’s Ashes (2010), VideoDome Rent-O-Rama (2010), The Young and the Restless (TV Series, 2009) — more at IMDB.

Mists of Pandaria Easter Egg: The Black Yak

The Townlong Steppes is the homeland of the Yaungol. From the Dread Wastes, the Mantid is invading the Shado-Pan’s Niuzao Temple.

The temple has a serious infestation of Mantid insectoids battling the Shado-Pan wardens. At the temple you can see a gigantic black Yak radiating light. It’s named The Black Yak.

Infestation. Mantid insects that look like Roaches on steroids. The Black Yak.

I couldn’t but think of a TV Commercial slogan: “Raid Kills Bugs Dead”.

Hint: Raid® Black Jack Gold Formula (brand by S. C. JOHNSON & SON, INC.)

Are you a World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria beta tester? Send us your easter egg finds here. Check out our list of Mists of Pandaria easter eggs.

Mists of Pandaria Easter Eggs: Szechuan Chicken

Who hasn’t seen the Szechuan Chicken in a Chinese Restaurant’s menu? World of Warcraft developers do! The Szechuan Chicken recipe originates from a style of Chinese cuisine mastered at the Sichuan Province in southwestern China.

This screenshot was taken at the Chow Farmstead in Kun-Lai Summit (Pandaria continent).

Mists of Pandaria Easter Egg: Terracotta Warrior

While recording the Kun-Lai Summit exploration videos, I came across a cool easter egg at the Mogujia. One of the Mogu tribes are known as the Terracotta Warriors. Not far from there, uphill is the Valley of Emperors.

Terra Cotta is latin for “Baked Earth” (clay-based ceramic). This easter egg stands for the Terracotta Army (Terracotta Warriors) — a collection of sculptures representing the ancient armies of Emperor Qin Shi Huang (first emperor of China, 210–209 BC).

These were found in the Lintong District, eastern Xi’an (Shaanxi province). — check photos.

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Easter Egg — Enchant Weapon: Pandamonium

The other day, our Chris Arnone (The Bearded Gamer) said the word “Pandamonium!” during the Blizzplanet: Week of Warcraft web show. Eldorian wrote the script for him.

This word has been said a lot in the Mists of Pandaria beta’s general chat. There is also an in-game item named Enchant Weapon: Pandamonium (post-beta link). This word has a powerful memory in the minds of Warcraft fans old enough to remember.

I’d guess many people has heard the word often in the beta, and probably even repeat the word without knowing where it originates from. I was around age 10 back in 1982 when I watched this TV series: Pandamonium. It was aired by CBS and produced by Marvel Productions for up to 13 episodes before getting the axe.

Here’s the Pandemonium intro theme. Those who had totally forgotten this TV series and hear now the song theme will surely trigger the memory and snap some synapses. It’s PANDAMONIUM !!!

World of Warcraft Patch 5.2 – The Thunder Isle Daily Quests: Ashes of the Enemies

Ashes of the Enemy

Danara Silverglass: The mogu at the Court of Bones are bolstering their army by resurrecting the spirits of their dead.

We cannot allow them to revive their fallen warriors.

Take this torch and burn any mummified corpses that you can find.

We will destroy our enemies before they have a chance to rise.



Burn 8 Mummified Remains.



Danara Silverglass: Their dead shall rise no more, thanks to you, (name). Excellent work.


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