The other day, our Chris Arnone (The Bearded Gamer) said the word “Pandamonium!” during the Blizzplanet: Week of Warcraft web show. Eldorian wrote the script for him.

This word has been said a lot in the Mists of Pandaria beta’s general chat. There is also an in-game item named Enchant Weapon: Pandamonium (post-beta link). This word has a powerful memory in the minds of Warcraft fans old enough to remember.

I’d guess many people has heard the word often in the beta, and probably even repeat the word without knowing where it originates from. I was around age 10 back in 1982 when I watched this TV series: Pandamonium. It was aired by CBS and produced by Marvel Productions for up to 13 episodes before getting the axe.

Here’s the Pandemonium intro theme. Those who had totally forgotten this TV series and hear now the song theme will surely trigger the memory and snap some synapses. It’s PANDAMONIUM !!!