Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Collector’s Edition Contents Revealed

Blizzard Entertainment revealed the contents of the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Collector’s Edition. Follow this link to pre-order while supplies last.
Diablo III: Reaper of Souls PC/Mac Game (DVD-Rom)
Exclusive In-Game Content:
Diablo III Spectral Hound minion
Diablo III Trio of Ageless Helms
Diablo III Malthael Inspired Weapons
World of Warcraft Treasure Goblin Pet
StarCraft II …read more

Blizzplanet – Guild Launch Giveaway # 2

Guild Launch sent Blizzplanet more coupons to giveaway. Guild Launch is a clan/guild hosting platform for many games including World of Warcraft, StarCraft II and Diablo III. Learn more about Guild Launch here. Hosting plans here.

So now that you know the cost, and the features — how about participating for a chance at getting a FREE coupon?

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Beta Build 21390 Patch Notes

Blizzard Entertainment deployed a new Diablo III: Reaper of Souls beta patch (build 21390).
Among the most important changes is the availability of all the materials to build the Infernal Machine (level 70) and thus the Jeweler is able to craft the Hellfire Ring level 70 — as well as Adventure Mode, Crafting, Cursed Chests and Class changes. — PTR Patch Notes are also available.

The amount of experience needed per level from 64 onward has been increased
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where Covetous Shen’s unique side quest could not be completed
Fixed an issue where the Soul Crucibles in Gideon’s Row and Nobles …read more

Design a Legendary, Part 3: Blizzard Needs Your Vote

The Diablo III developers gathered feedback from several fans to Design a Legendary item for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls.
The top five submissions are now open for scrutinity, and it relays on “You” the fan to decide which design is best for your Legendary item. Pick one and vote at the following page.
Legendary Power #1:
You radiate an aura of Hatred. All monsters near you deal and receive additional damage.

Legendary Power #2:
Attacks have a chance on hit to cause your current target to be hated by all nearby enemies, taunting them to attack that target for the duration of the effect.

Legendary …read more

2014 Blizzard Licensed Products Line-Up

Blizzard Entertainment and its partners release Blizzard licensed products every year. Some of these products come in the shape of novels, eBooks, graphic novels, action figures, dioramas, statues, children’s books, and epic weapons. Did you know from Fall 2013 to Winter 2014 there are so far 41 Blizzard Licensed Products?

There isn’t an official list of recent and upcoming products. Therefore, I will share a permanent list of recent and upcoming products for which you can pre-order now and relax later knowing that you secured your copy and it will automatically be charged and delivered on release date.

Some of the products were released already, and I felt I should mention them in case you missed them. They are in stock while supplies last and shipping now.

The Fall 2013 – 2014 Blizzard Licensed Products line up is as follows: (click links to reach the pre-order page)

ProductRelease Date
DC Entertainment - World of Warcraft: Pearl of PandariaSept 24, 2013
Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Collector's EditionMar 25, 2014
Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Standard EditionMar 25, 2014
Diablo III: Storm of LightFeb 4, 2014
DK Publishing - World of Warcraft: Ultimate Visual GuideShipping Now
Funko POP Games - Diablo Vinyl FigureShipping Now
Funko POP Games - Diablo - Tyrael Vinyl FigureShipping Now
Funko POP Games - Starcraft Jim Raynor Vinyl FigureShipping Now
Funko POP Games - Starcraft Queen of Blades Vinyl FigureShipping Now
Funko POP Games - World of Warcraft Arthas Vinyl FigureShipping Now
Funko POP Games - World of Warcraft Illidan Vinyl FigureShipping Now
Gallery Books - World of Warcraft: War CrimesMay 6, 2014
Gallery Books - World of Warcraft: Dawn of the AspectsNov 19, 2013
Insight Editions - Diablo III: Book of TyraelOct 22, 2013
Insight Editions - World of Warcraft® Dragons Hardcover Blank JournalDec 13, 2013
Insight Editions - World of Warcraft® Horde Hardcover Blank Journal (Large)Dec 13, 2013
Jinx - Diablo III Barbarian Class Premium TeeShipping Now
Jinx - Diablo III Cartoon Lord of Terror Premium TeeShipping Now
Jinx - Diablo III Demon Hunter Class Premium TeeShipping Now
Jinx - Diablo III DiaBLO Premium TeeShipping Now
Jinx - Diablo III Monk Class Premium TeeShipping Now
Jinx - Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Premium T-shirtShipping Now
Jinx - Diablo III Witch Doctor Class Premium TeeShipping Now
Jinx - Diablo III Wizard Class Premium TeeShipping Now
Jinx - Hearthstone T-ShirtShipping Now
Jinx - StarCraft II Protoss MugShipping Now
Jinx - StarCraft II "That's How We Roll" Premium T-shirtShipping Now
Jinx - StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Zerg Vintage Logo Zip-Up HoodieShipping Now
Neca Diablo III – Deluxe Action Figure – Diablo, Lord of TerrorMar 2014
Neca Diablo III – Prop Replica – El’Druin, The Sword of JusticeMar 2014
Panini - Starcraft War Stories: Proyect BlackstoneNov 1, 2013
Pocket Star Books - World of Warcraft: ParagonsMar 31, 2014
Sellers Publishing - Diablo 2014 Wall CalendarShipping Now
Sellers Publishing - Diablo 2014 Wall CalendarShipping Now
Sellers Publishing - StarCraft® II 2014 Wall CalendarShipping Now
Sellers Publishing - World of WarCraft 2014 Mini CalendarShipping Now
Sellers Publishing - World of Warcraft® Alliance Hardcover Blank Journal
Dec 10, 2013
Sideshow Collectibles - Diablo Polystone StatueShipping Now
Sideshow Collectibles - Starcraft Raynor Sixth Scale FigureNov 2013
Sideshow Collectibles - World of Warcraft Deathwing Polystone Statue2015?
UDON - World of Warcraft TributeOct 15, 2013

Diablo III: Storm of Light – Excerpt Available

Blizzard Entertainment released an excerpt of the upcoming Diablo III: Storm of Light novel by New York Times best-selling author Nate Kenyon.

In this brief excerpt we can see the interaction between the Angiris Council and Tyrael in his mortal form shortly after the Diablo III cinematic finale where Tyrael took his place as the new Wisdom.

According to the Diablo III: Book of Tyrael, the mantle of Wisdom was infused into Tyrael by the Crystal Arch itself — which is something that happened off-panel and not in-game.
The excerpt shows the debate between the archangels of what should be the proper thing …read more

Mystical Source for the Sage Journey Set Does Exist in Diablo III: Reapers of Soul Beta

After three days of mind-blowingly farming the Mystical Source in Whimsyshire, I have finally looted the oh-so-very-elusive Mystical Source.

I don’t have the Sage’s Journey Set recipe. I simply wanted to loot it to demonstrate whether it existed in closed beta or not. Or who it could be looted from. Of course, also to add it to the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Legendary Crafting Materials guide.

It drops from a super-rare pony, and I don’t know if he spawns in normal mode. After nigh 80 runs in normal mode, I switched to Torment I mode. After 20-30 runs this pony …read more

Legendary Item Changes in upcoming Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Beta Build

Nevalistis posted a few juicy details on current changes yet to be implemented in the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls beta build and revealed some of the bugs the team knows of that are planned to be addressed in an upcoming build.

Most End-game Legendary items are meant to drop from Horadric caches earned through the Bounty system. Some of these Legendaries are Act specific.

Greater Horadric Cache will be removed from completing Nephalem Rifts. The loot from Greater Horadric Cache will instead drop from the Nephalem Rift Guardian itself.

Legendary items and Set items have a small chance to drop when purchasing …read more

Diablo Warcraft and StarCraft Hoodies at 30% Off – Jinx Critical Hit Promo

The weekly Jinx Critical Hit sale has placed the spotlight on the Diablo III Tyrael Hoodie, World of Warcraft Monk Hoodie (Women-only) and the StarCraft II Vintage Hoodie lowering them to 30% discount.

You should hurry up. This Critical Hit promo will be up until January 13, 2014 or while supplies last.






The Horadric Hamburger Returns as a Level 70 Legendary Dagger

While farming for the Mystical Source (legendary crafting material), my templar accidentally hit the Diablo piñata and this dagger dropped. I loaded Adventure Mode Torment level 6, and clicked the dagger.
To my surprise, it was the Horadric Hamburger ramped up to level 70, which pops in my mind … will all level 60 sets make a return as a level 70 version? Chances are that’s the drill.

…read more

Sydyru Bone – Legendary Crafting Material


The Sydyru Bone is a legendary crafting material used by Blacksmight Haedrig Eamon to craft the Sydryu Crust (2-Hand Legendary Bow).

The Sydyru Bone is a randon drop off the Plague Carrier (rare spawn) named Sicklefang. Create a normal-difficulty Adventure-mode game. Go to the Act I: Fields of Misery waypoint. Locate the Forsaken Grounds and talk with the Beleaguered Farmer. He starts the quest titled Carrion Farm. Kill the four Plague Nest. The last plague nest will auto-spawn Sicklefang where the plague nest was located. If no Sydyru Bone drops, keep creating new games until it happens. Took me about 20-30 …read more

Diablo III Weapon Vendors / Merchants

The following Diablo 3 merchants are random spawns which have a random chance to sell some really hard-to-find white quality items usually required to craft a Legendary Weapon. The Witch Doctor ceremonial knife legendary weapon requires a Tecpatl (white-quality item). It is sold by Adenah the Curio vendor.

Thus, this list might be useful to those who aren’t able to find a specific item that never drops from weapon racks.

Random Merchants

Adenah the Curio

Adenah the Curio Vendor – can be found in the House of Curios at Act I: Field of Misery. Random spawn. Usually when you see burning houses and the …read more

Quaking Vial – Legendary Crafting Material


The Quaking Vial is used by the Blacksmith Haedrig Aemon to craft a 2-Handed Mace named Sunder.

The Quaking Vial drops off elite Mallet Lords in the Hell Rift Level 1 (Campaign Mode): Hammersmash and Sledge. Open a campaign mode map and choose Act IV: 2. The Light of Hope — Corrupt Growths Tier 1. Search for the Hell Rift portal by destroying the Corrupt Growth. Enter Hell Rift.

Sunder – 2-H Legendary Mace

A Persuader is required to craft this weapon. Flesh Render can be looted from the Weapon Racks in High Heavens. I found mine in Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier.

Living Flame – Legendary Crafting Materials


Living Flame is a legendary crafting material used by Blacksmith Haedrig Eamon to craft a legendary 2-handed weapon axe named Cinder Switch.

Living Flame has a chance to drop off the morlu caster Sao’Thall (Embodiment of Hatred). He is a Bounty target in Act IV: The Silver Spire Level 2 — however, he spawns in non-bounty maps too. I just killed him during Bounty: Aspect of Terror, for example.

Living Flame also drops from Rhau’Kye in Act IV: The Silver Spire Level 2 and Malfeas the Abhorrent (rare spawn) in Act IV: The Silver Spire Level 2 found at the Radiant Chapel …read more

Maghda’s Tormented Soul – Legendary Crafting Materials


The Maghda’s Tormented Soul is a random drop for killing Maghda. I looted about 5 of them in about 40 kills. Simply create a normal-difficulty Adventure Mode. Take the waypoint towards Act II: Road to Alcarnus. Enter Maghda’s lair. If she doesn’t drop it, leave the game, and rinse and repeat until she does.

Cain’s Destiny Set

The Maghda’s Tormented Soul is required to craft the Cain’s Destiny set at Blacksmith Haedrig Eamon. The Cain’s Destiny set adds +6 magical properties, and as you can see from the images below the stats are really good with +100% Magical Find, +50% Experience and …read more

Sideshow Collectibles Diablo Polystone Statue Shipping Now

Sideshow Collectibles is shipping now the 21-inches high Diablo Statue Polystone Statue
Product Summary

Sideshow Collectibles is proud to bring you the Diablo statue, from Blizzard Entertainment’s hugely popular action RPG Diablo III. In a brilliant collaboration between the award-winning Sideshow Design and Development and Blizzard Cinematics teams, led by Sideshow Collectibles Creative Director Tom Gilliland and Blizzard Cinematics Creative Director Nick Carpenter, the Prime Evil’s chosen form comes to life, crafted in high quality polystone. The Diablo statue measures over 20 inches tall, hand painted and finished with painstaking attention to detail. Possess it now, before it possesses you.

Product Details
License: …read more

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Collector’s Edition Pre-Order Opens

The Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Collector’s Edition is now available to pre-order for $79.99.
The Collector’s Edition includes the following items:
Malthael mouse pad, bearing the impenetrable visage of the Angel of Death
Hardback Collector’s Edition art book, chronicling the game’s artistic development
Behind-the-scenes Blu-Ray/DVD two-disc set, featuring in-depth interviews with the development team and members of the Diablo III community

Digital goods include:
Spectral Hound Minion and Transmogrified Gear
Treasure Goblin Pet for World of Warcraft
Battle.net Portraits and Malthael Decals for StarCraft II

…read more

Battle.net Launches Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Pre-Orders and Release Date is March 25, 2014

Battle.net has launched the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Pre-Orders page, and reveals the official release date: March 25, 2014.

The Standard Edition costs $39.99, while the Digital Edition (which includes the digital goodies found in the Collector’s Edition) available for $59.99.

Thanks to awesome contributor Kuangtu for sharing the find.

Update: Blizzard Entertainment has now posted the official announcement.



Slay Monsters. Help Kids. Donate to Child’s Play Charity during 2013 Holidays

Blizzplanet has a Child’s Play Charity widget to help kids currently at hospitals during the holidays. I’ll be uploading Diablo III: Reaper of Souls videos until December 30th. Those who donate using the widget, please email me to notify you have donated. Let me know the name or Battletag you wish to be credited as both on this page and on the Youtube video page itself.

In addition, let me know your Skype (by email) for a one-on-one personalized Diablo III: Reaper of Souls video. You’ll be able to ask questions or choose the features in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls that you wish to learn about on video.

Help Blizzplanet slay monsters to help kids. Donate.

…read more

Source: Blizzplanet Diablo III


Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Closed Beta Has Begun

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls closed beta has launched. It is no longer Friends & Family-only. Several invites will be issued over the next weeks in waves. In the meantime, double-check your Battle.net account to see if you got an invite or make sure your opt-in is set to participate.

Reapers, and Westmarch, and Crusaders, oh my—the Diablo® III: Reaper of Souls™ Closed Beta has begun!

Invitations to this next phase of our public test are now being delivered to nephalem worldwide. If you’ve been invited to the Closed Beta, we’d love to hear all about your adventures on the forums, watch your live streams, and see screenshots and videos of your experiences in Sanctuary. Please keep in mind that Reaper of Souls is still in development, which means that all content in the Closed Beta is subject to change and isn’t necessarily representative of the final game.

For additional information about the Closed Beta including how to participate, copy over characters, and provide feedback, read on below!



Richard A. Knaak Launches a Kickstarter — What if Blizzard followed on his steps?


New York Times best selling author Richard A. Knaak launched a Kickstarter to develop a novel titled… Legends of the Dragonrealm: The Turning War.

According to Richard, this is a three-volume saga which answers many questions concerning the Legends of the Dragonrealm and the Dragon Masters that never …read more

Source: Blizzplanet Diablo III


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