The Zombie Invasion world event just hit Phase 5 early before 3am EST today Sunday, October 26th. As I was checking the backdoor entrance to Orgrimmar, many plagued vermin could be seen rushing through into the upper level of Orgrimmar. What’s new? Contrary to the plagued roaches which NPCs completely ignore, NPCs do react against the plagued vermin by killing them and getting instantly infested themselves.

With a timer of two minutes, it doesn’t take long for NPCs to transform into plagued zombies. Since a single NPC can kill one Plagued Vermin at a time, the other bunches of vermin keep running deeper into Orgrimmar. In conclusion, we just got into a chain reaction that will keep guards and vendors diseased pretty quick. Keep in mind all those people who go AFK in the cities, and those busy selling stuff, checking the bank or the AH won’t be able to react fast enough to incoming zombies attacking from behind.

It’s just early in the morning, and thus far this is the first indication of Phase 5. We have a very long day ahead of us. I will update any new surprises awaiting us. Below is video of the large group of plagued vermin rushing into Orgrimmar. Share your comments with other WoW fans.