Tenris Mirkblood is one of the bosses introduced in the Zombie Invasion Phase 4.  He can be found inside Karazhan.  Kill Attumen the Huntsman, and go up the stables’ stairs.  Once above, there are two doors. One to your left and one in front of the stairs.  Take the one in front of the stairs.  Not to far you will find a closed door on your right-side.  Tenris Mirkblood will start his emotes in red text.

The tank must be the one to open the door as Tenris will aggro very likely.  He has two abilities you should worry about:

  • Blood Mirror: Basically you will see a blood torrent flowing from Tenris on to a random player.  While this is been casted, the player will get the damaged equal to the damage the raid causes Tenris.  So, don’t go all out DPS on Tenris or you might wipe half your raid very fast. Healers must focus big heal spams on the affected random player. You can remove yourself from Blood Mirror by using ice block, divine shield, feign death, etc.
  • Sanguine Spirit: Stop casting and move away from these spheres if you are wearing cloth.  These can do between 6-10k shadow damage when they explode.  Just move when they are within 5-yards of you. For the love of Thrall, don’t AOE them or you will wipe the raid. Treat these as you would the first boss in Tempest Keep: Mechanar. The best and secure way to kill him without casualties is to kite him through the hallway. There’s plenty of space in the room you came from. The Sanguine Spirit move very slow.

    The video below shows you what happens when the raid doesn’t move away from the Sanguine Spirits, or goes all DPS during Blood Mirror.  I had to explain the event to the raid.  Our second attempt was cleaner and we killed him.  Everyone in the raid can loot a Vampiric Batling pet.  At the end of the video, you can see the Arcanite Ripper weapon loot in action transforming you into Guitar Hero.

    The Arcanite Ripper is a rare drop, and Tigole just mentioned Tenris will spawn for only 10 days. You only have two chances to kill him and loot this rare item.

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