Zerg Attack — Humanity Fights Back #SwarmLaunch (Video)

[static] — this is NICK. We’re low on ammo and need immediate backup. Right now. Our defense has gone FUBAR [static]

That was the last communication from the Blizzard Entertainment Headquarters. I know each of you have your share of SNAFU today, but we must investigate our main command center and support our forces there.


[static] … thousands of Zerglings are F[kkkkzz] sweeping across the city. Our sweet New York City.

I call upon all eSport players and newbs … any survivors out there … report for duty immediately! This is a global DEFCON 1 situation. It’s serious business.

Paris is gone. We must not allow the same fate to take hold in each of our remaining cities and nations. New Yor– [static] is under attack.

Dammit, do you hear that? They are crawling up through the elevator shaft. GRENADE!!!

Repeat. we need immediate backup.


As soon as you pwn this zerg in your local bunkers, set route to the nearest airport.

Any SCV experts will be deeply appreciated to rendevouz there. See if there’s any functional airplanes.

Our goal is crystal clear. Any and all capable hands are to rendezvous at the Blizzard Entertainment Headquarters. We must make sure there are survivors. All communications came to a halt an hour ago. All I could hear were screams and the sound of heavy artillery as the radio signal cracked up in static.


We must help our brethren. We must secure our last bastion and hold our ground to eradicate this invading force. This situation has really goatrope on us. The zerg has caused TERRIBLE TERRIBLE DAMAGE throughout the globe.

We must be prepared to make heroic sacrifices for the cause of peace that we make ungrudgingly for the cause of war. United as one. For the sake of humanity and our children. There is no task that is more important or closer to our hearts.

March 12th will be our last stand. Huh?! Did you hear that? … Oh krap! … I love you Sarge. —– [KKkkttttzzz]

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