Xoxide.com was founded in early 2000 with a goal of providing the best computer case and computer cooling accessories available. We have been leading the cooling and modification industry, and vow to always provide the most cutting edge products. We ship our products throughout the US and Canada, and are located just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  Xoxide Gaming Accessories

Are you ready to up your advantage and launch your gaming abilities into the next stratosphere? With a huge assortment of gaming gear, caffeinated drinks, and PC modding accessories, a simple trek over to Xoxide.com is an excellent way to take your already unmatched gaming skills and make them unfathomably awesome.


Whether you’re unleashing a demon’s hellfire, wielding a mighty sword, or simply picking up a 9mm and turning your enemies face into something resembling a Chicago Deep Dish, Xoxide is sure to carry the gear you need to make a dramatic difference in the way you play.

Gaming Mice

Wield the Ultimate Weapon with an Xoxide Gaming Mouse.


Want to be the fastest gun in the West? Well, if you don’t own an actual firearm (or live on the Coast) that could be a bit of a problem. Thankfully, picking up a gaming mouse from Xoxide could very well make you the digital version of that great gunslinger you’ve always longed to be. Offering a bold selection ranging from Laser, DPI, to programmable gun-shaped FPS Mice, you’re sure to find the perfect gaming peripheral at Xoxide.

Xoxide - Gaming Accessories Game Pads

Up Your Advantage with a Gamepad from Xoxide.


Sometimes, that standard keyboard of yours just isn’t enough. If you’re ready to take your playing strategy to the next level, a gamepad from Xoxide is by far the way to go. A gamepad offers a unique advantage over standard keyboard users, and can bring a whole new level of control to all of your favorite MMO’s and FPS shooters. Xoxide carries fully customizable pads from popular brands like Flexiglow, Ideazon, and Wolf King.

Xoxide - Gaming Accessories Mouse Pads

Mouse Pads to Ensure a Steady Hand Against Your Online Foes.


Ask any hardcore gamers, and they’ll tell you the love they have for their mouse is nearly equivalent to a gearheads love for his car. So would a proud Mustang owner go tooling around on a rough road full of glass and debris? No way, and that’s why Xoxide carries a huge assortment of mouse pads that will provide your favorite peripheral with the smooth surface it needs, allowing excellent traction, flawless movements, and enhanced gameplay.

Xoxide - Gaming Accessories Cooling Fans

Make PC Gaming a Breeze with Cooling Fans from Xoxide.


Sure, solo missions can be a lot of fun, but every gamer knows that once the multiplayer boots up, that’s when the game intensifies and really starts to heat up. Unfortunately, so does your PC. If you often find yourself spending several hours a night in the thick of battle, then you’re going to want to take a look at Xoxide’s gigantic selection of cooling fans. These components will accommodate your PC and bring it down to a safe and regulated temperature.

Xoxide - Gaming Accessories Fan Grills

Make Bloody Stumps a Thing of the Past with an Xoxide Fan Grill


If you’re relatively fond of your fingers, you might want to resist the urge to stick them anywhere where spinning blades happen to be. To help you fight this temptation, Xoxide carries an excellent selection of stylish fan grills to keep all of your appendages safe. Available in a variety of designs and sizes, you’re sure to find a fan grill that’s ideal for your PC.

Xoxide - Gaming Accessories VGA Coolers

Chill That GPU with a VGA Cooler from Xoxide.


Want to overclock that video card of yours? Xoxide is sure to have the ideal VGA cooler for your system. Guaranteed to cool down your GPU, these VGA coolers offer the ability to help your PC run faster than it ever has before. If you’ve recently made a hefty hardware investment, than we highly recommend protecting your purchase with a VGA cooler.

Xoxide - Gaming Accessories Liquid Cooling Kits

Ice Down Your System with a Liquid Cooling Kit from Xoxide.


Don’t just drop the temperature of your PC by a measly couple of degrees…ice that sucker!  The liquid cooling kits you’ll find at Xoxide will fit the needs of your system and seriously improve its performance. When it comes to liquid cooling, Xoxide carries it all, from Reserators, Cooling Systems, to full blown kits that allow you to create your own twisted, water-cooled monster rig.

Xoxide - Gaming Accessories SATA Cables

SATA Cables to Hook Up That Hard Drive of Yours.


Just picked up a new SATA hard drive or supportive motherboard? Well, congratulations, because your days of worrying about overheating are over. To help ensure you get the most out of your new component, Xoxide is happy to provide you with the SATA cables you need to get them up and running (available in both normal and UV reactive). In addition, a wide variety of SATA adapters for your older power supplies is also available.

Xoxide - Gaming Accessories CPU Fans

A CPU Fan from Xoxide Blows. In a Good Way.


If you’ve overloaded your case with more cold cathodes, more LEDs, and more mods than you know what to do with, chances are you’re going to need a decent CPU fan to handle all that action. A CPU fan can help regulate the temperature of your PC and keep your machine from crashing. If your PC is starting to overheat, a new CPU fan is a great way to cool it down.

Xoxide - Gaming Accessories Computer Speakers

Computer Speakers to Blast Out Your Ears While You Blast Away Your Foes.


Ready to indulge your ears in the glorious sounds of heavy artillery and the desperate screams of your online enemies? If you are, Xoxide carries a terrific selection of computer speakers from Razer, Logitech, and Sicuro. Sure to create a bombastic wall of sound in any dorm room, basement, or office, these high-quality computer speakers are sure to bring new life to any game.

Xoxide - Gaming Accessories Xoxide Gaming Accessories USB Headsets

Connect with a Friend using a USB Headset from Xoxide.


You know, there’s a reason you don’t see many deaf guys on the front lines of the battlefield. Not that the US Military has anything against them, it’s just generally not a good idea. With a USB headset from Xoxide, you’ll be able to hear all the crystal clear sounds of warfare, along with your squadron leader’s detailed instructions on how to outflank your enemies and blast your way through hostile territory.

Xoxide - Gaming Accessories Energy Drinks

Sleep is Overrated. Bring on the Night with Energy Drinks from Xoxide.


Sure, exercising a few times a week and eating the right food are decent, healthy ways of obtaining natural energy, but c’mon, what gamer has that kind of time? For a quick fix of the get-up-and-go you need, Xoxide offers plenty of energy drinks from popular names such as Bawls, Jolt, and Cocaine, as well as an assortment of other caffeinated mints and candies. So long “Natural Energy”! As long as you have a mini-fridge next to your PC, you’re all set.

Xoxide - Gaming Accessories Bawls Energy Drink

Grow a Pair with Some Bawls from Xoxide.


It takes balls to go up against some of those intimidating online FPS or MMO opponents. And if you plan on blasting those bad guys long into the night, well, it’s also going to take Bawls. Confused? Don’t be. Bawls is a super-charged energy drink that will supply you with enough gusto to take on the most epic of challenges. At Xoxide, you can choose from Regular, Cherry, and the Root Beer-flavored G33K B33R.

Xoxide - Gaming Accessories Cocain Energy Drink

Nobody Likes Paying for Bail. Keep Things Nice and Legal with Cocaine Energy Drink.


Nosebleeds can be pretty distracting when you’re exploring an expansive MMO. And who wants to get blood all over their favorite gamepad? Nobody, that’s who. If you’re in the mood for a serious all-nighter, Cocaine energy drink is the safe, legal, and delicious alternative to your favorite narcotic. Perfect for a quick pick-me-up, Cocaine is an ideal choice for any LAN Party.

Xoxide - Gaming Accessories Computer Cases

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