12:55pm EST: kinglouy reports the WWI Europe site added a new image for the Blizzard Worldwide Invitationals and a well-known red fella shows up.  Visit the WWI 2008 Shop:

10am EST: Note: Several fans have updated via email—they have not seen Diablo3.com redirect anywhere yet as of 11pm EST.  Apologies for misinformation. Thanks, Alibabos (France), Jupe (Greece), Drakzhor @ Deathwing (EU) (Sweden) and Lytus (Spain) for your updates.

/wrist @ xuslivin—- xusnlivin reports Diablo3.com is now redirecting to Blizzard.  At this time, on the US Eastern Coast, DNS Regional servers haven’t been updated.  More updates later on. Anyone living in Europe or on US West Coastemail to confirm.

12:12am EST: The splash page teaser has been updated around 12:10am—it is going the route I had said in one of the forum threads.  Each day it seems the ice will crack further and further until the WWI announcement day where the ice will be broken to reveal the new game. Click the image below.

A new symbol appeared on the upper-right side of the ice fissure. This ice image might not mean anything yet except being just a teaser: that a new game announcement will be made.

At this point, it could be a Diablo game (most likely due to Diablo II Anniversary being the same date as WWI closure), Starcraft: Ghost or Warcraft IV.  All these games have been hinted a lot by Rob Pardo, Paul Sams and Itzik Ben Bassat in the past year.

UPDATE 3:45am – xusnlivin has informed me this image above from the splash image teaser resembles the Diablo 2 semi-rare gem: Hel Rune.

forsinain points out a pattern on the master.CSS file for today. Yesterday the name was Tundra. Today the name is Cavern. His pattern points toward one of the Diablo Acts’ locations:
Glacial Trail -> Frozen Tundra (.tundra in CSS)
Glacial Trail -> Drifter Cavern (.cavern in CSS)

The speculation was true: D (04.jpg – fourth letter of the alphabet) and today’s image O (15.jpg – 15th letter) of the alphabet). At this rate the image numbers will reveal DIABLO.  Tomorrow’s image might be named any of this file names … 01.jpg (standing for the first letter of the alphabet: A), 02.jpg (standing for B), 12 (standing for the twelve letter of the alphabet: L) or 09.jpg (standing for the nineth letter of the alphabet: I).

Today’s Tundra image merged with yesterday’s shows this, and it looks a lot like a evil-smiley penguin to me:

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