The pre-requirements to unlock this Icecrown Glacier Daily Quest are fulfilled by talking to Chief Engineer Cooperclaw—aboard the Doom’s Hammer Gunship (Horde).  The Alliance has its own version aboard its own gunship.  After completing all his quests, you unlock “Green Technology”, which sends you to the north toward Aldur’thar Gate. High in the air (on a cloaked platform surrounded by a green-dome), you get the daily quest from a female goblin: Fringe Engineer Tezzla.

The old Ogril’a bombing days are a thing of the past.  Now this is for the pros. You are now a true hotshot. In this new and exciting Daily Quest, you fly aboard an airplane. You can’t control its flight, but you can control the gun and bomb-dropping. It’s a really cool daily quest bombing mechanic. You get three different UI Frames. Read more and watch the video after the break.