The Scourge Zombie Plague Invasion is over, but the war continues.  Although fans accuse Blizzard for ending the plague under speculation that they caved in to certain whinning from a few fans, that’s proven false.  Everything has been planned all along.  The plague ended with the arrival of Grand Apothecary Putress.

I have come from the future, my brothers. I have seen the frozen wastelands. I have faced Arthas many a time. I have beheld the fall of heroes, and have fought alongside them. From the future, I bring you knowledge. (Those sensitive to spoilers, shouldn’t read any of this article past this warning. Heavy spoilers from Wrath of the Lich King beneath)

Thrall: “The demon lord, Varimathras, and the Forsaken’s chief apothecary, Putress, are responsible for this betrayal. Yes, the same Putress responsible for discovering the cure for the recent Scourge plague outbreak.”—(Spoiler: Herald of War)

Thrall’s future self told me this. I saw Putress and his Apothecaries rain down the new Forsaken plague onto Alliance, Horde and Scourge with equal hatred. He who had cured the plague here, and now in the present shall be the betrayer of Sylvanas and the Horde. Heed my call!

I will share with you another wisdom from the future, from where I have cometh. I met Garrosh and Saurfang in Borean Tundra. And he confirmed my fears. Orgrimmar was razed … or in your case, here in the present, the time is nigh … look.  Look upon the sky.  A Necropolis hovers above. It