Today, Blizzplanet presents the four boss encounters in the lvl 73-75 dungeon Azjol-Nerub: Ahn’Kahet … the Old Kingdom of the Nerubian Empire. Currently beta build 8885 opened this dungeon for testing and bug report purposes. It has no loot table in any of the mobs or bosses. The third boss has no textures (green model) and the fourth boss is a placeholder. These will be updated in a upcoming beta patch.

The first boss Elder Nadox is a Nerubian Vizier. The second boss Prince Taldaram is a blood elf serving the Lich King. He is one of the blood elf princes that can be seen in the vision of the past rising the spirit of Archmage Arugal back into the world (quest from Grizzly Hills).

The third boss is Jedoga Shadowseeker, an orc female. Currently her model lacks textures. You will see a neon green texture instead.  She seems to be the leader of … hold your breath … a group of Twilight’s Hammer. It is unknown why the Twilight’s Hammer is in the Old Kingdom of Azjol-Nerub.  Putting two and two together, the Twilight’s Hammer are interested in serving the Old god Yogg-Saron. There’s much to find out about this dungeon’s current lore.

The fourth boss is Herald Volazj, a Faceless One.  Currently he is using a placeholder model (Rajax from Ahn’Qiraj). You can watch the videos here. Use the navigation to the right to access the other bosses videos.

It is uncertain whether the Old god Yogg-Saron is the Forgotten One that King Arthas the Death Knight fought alongside Anub’arak in the Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne Undead Campaign Chapter 7. Read the transcript in our Frozen Throne Lore section. More will be known when the 25-players dungeon Ulduar is released.  According to a quest where Thorim faces Loken, he claims Thorim is now where his master’s power is stronger. This implies Yogg-Saron might be a boss encounter in Ulduar.