Do you play World of Warcraft on Linux or plan to?  Ever tried changing Video and Audio settings under Wine to get error messages and bugs?  A programmer has begun a crusade to create a third-party tool titled WowLinuxTools—soon to join under a GPL License.  The project is not affiliated or endorsed by Blizzard Entertainment, and is a third-party independent tool.  In such case, won’t be supported by Blizzard Tech Support. Bookmark the homepage for future updates and/or check our news.

WoWLinuxTools are a set of tools for playing World of Warcraft on Linux.

Main Project is WoWLinuxSettings, which allows you to edit your Graphic/Sound Options for WoW (which is currently not possible in Wine), but also things like WoWUIAddOnSettings for installing/de/activating UI Modifications etc…

It is not yet finished, this is just a very early UI-preview smile

Please Tell me what you think so far and if/how i can improve it smile