Upper Deck announced recently the ninth expansion World of Warcraft TCG: Fields of Honor which features three exclusive Loot Cards that allow you to get a scratch code to enable MMO in-game fun stuff. The Fields of Honor will be on sale this June 30. The best part is that you can test this right now on the PTR 3.1.2 by going to Booty Bay to talk to Landro Longshot.  Select the Fields of Honor and type the following code numbers:  For Path of Cenarius type 1111.  For Ogre Pinata type 2222.  And for El Pollo Grande type 3333.  The first two will place an item in your inventory.  Except El Pollo Grande.

You won’t find anything in your bag when you enter the code. Simply talk to Landro Longshot again and choose Fields of Honor and El Pollo Grande again.  It will let you access a vendor window to buy it for 100 gold. Go to the inventory and click on the icon to learn it.  You can access it from your character window under the pets tab.  Find it under mounts. Its icon is an egg.

At the bottom you can watch our video to show off each of the Loot Cards in action.  Further details at the official WoWTCG.com website.

Path of Cenarius

You get a stack of 100 Path of Cenarius.  When clicking it, your character starts casting, and beneath your feet animated-flowers appear.  When you walk, you leave a path of flowers behind you. Very similar to how the Path of Illidan works. If you wish to disable it, simply click the buff icon.


Ogre Pinata

You summon an Ogre Pinata hung on a wood stick.  It has merely 5342 health. When you destroy it, you can see an animation of a burst of candies. The Ogre pinata disappears, and is replaced by a pile of candies on the ground.  Anyone around you can pick up the candies.  You can only loot up to 20 Pink Gunballs. When you eat one, you get a 5 minutes buff that allows you to blow pink gum bubbles. The Ogre Pinata has a 30 minutes cooldown.


El Pollo Grande

This is an awesome new mount that you can redeem in the MMO.  Landro Longshot will sell this mount to you for 100 gold when you activate your scratch code.  When idle, it will ocassionally scratch under its right wing with the beak.  When you press jump while idle, it will do its rooster voice emote. It is a very fast speed mount.