For those fans who haven’t yet heard, Robert Clotworthy was hired by Blizzard Entertainment to reprise his role as Jim Raynor in the upcoming Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty.  Personally, I am glad and grateful to Chris Metzen and the developers who amended their decision. Hope all fans agree.

Robert has kept in contact with me often for the past two or three years since our interview. There you can read how much Jim Raynor means to Robert. It’s not just another job—considering he has had awesome roles in Films, TV series and animated movies (imdb)—the Mar Saran hero means a lot to him, and he is grateful for all the support fans have given him over the years.  I started a petition online some time ago hoping Blizzard would change their mind. revived the petition later on, too.  I may never find out if our efforts had anything to do with reestablishing as the voice of Jim Raynor, but overall I am deeply thankful to Blizzard for taking this decision.  The Single Player will mean so much more knowing this is our true Jim Raynor in soul and in the voice.

Nevertheless, I wish Glynnis Talken could return as Kerrigan. Both voice actors are the best. They gave very unique personalities and depth to the characters.This is what Robert said recently:

First off, I would like to confirm that I will be returning as the voice of Jim Raynor in the eagerly anticipated sequel to one of the most popular video games in history, Starcraft II.  Jim Raynor was voted one of the top ten gaming heroes of all time and I am honored to be returning.  My sincerest thanks go out to Chris Metzen and the entire team at Blizzard Entertainment as well as all the fans who have supported me.

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