Harbinger Inuuro: Capturing the Sun’s Reach Sanctum was the first step in our battle plan.  Our orders are to take control of the armory next.

We are 99 percent done with our goal.


Harbinger Inuuro: The Burning Legion holds the Sun’s Reach Armory, which is of tactical importance to our operation. As long as their morale remains high we will not wrest the building from their control.

The emissaries of hate are Legion shocktroopers sent to reinforce tactical Legion positions. The enemy rallies upon their arrival for they fear them more than they fear us.

Today we will change that. Take this banner and slay the demons of the Legion. When the emissary is sent, slay and impale him.

Quest Objectives

Harbinger Inuuro wants you to slay 6 Burning Legion Demons and the Emissary of Hate in Dawning Square or the Sun’s Reach Armory. Use the Shattered Sun Banner to impale the Emissary of Hate’s corpse.

Have you done what I asked of you, (name)?

Your dedication is exemplary, . We will take the armory from the forces of the Legion in no time!