The Western Plaguelands has changed drastically in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Only one of the five farms across the lands remains under the Scourge’s grasp. All other farms are now inhabited by humans who have retaken Hearthglen. Tirion Fordring returned to lead Hearthglen after the defeat of the Lich King. The Northridge Lumber Camp was retaken by the son of its former owner, and now leads a group of Hearthglen Recruits including worgen.

The Ruins of Andorhal is currently a warzone between the Alliance, the Horde and the remaining Scourge. The Alliance built new housings in the western-side of Andorhal, while the Horde Forsaken built a new village within the northern-side of Andorhal. From what I heard, there’s a quest titled the Battle for Andorhal in which the Forsaken take full claim of it. Not sure if that’s accurate.

The areas around Tomb of Uther have changed slightly. There is a new area known as Malicia’s Outpost south of the Weeping Cave. Seems the Twilight’s Hammer have an interest here.

The Weeping Cave now has goblins, Unholy Corpuscules (ooze-like glob), and undead frankestein-like monsters named Flesh-Cobbled Ripper.

Western Plaguelands is beautiful. I will miss the old Western Plaguelands a bit though.

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