For countless generations, the bestial tauren roamed the plains of the Barrens, hunted the mighty kodos, and sought the wisdom of their eternal goddess, the Earth Mother.  Scattered across the land, the wandering tribes were united only by a common hatred for their sworn enemy, the marauding centaur.  Seeking aid against the centaur, the chieftain, Cairne Bloodhoof befriended Warchief Thrall and the other orcs, who had recently journeyed to Kalimdor.

With the orcs’ help, Cairne and his Bloodhoof tribe were able to drive back the centaur and claim the grasslands of Mulgore for their own.  For the first time in hundreds of years, the tauren had a land to call their own.  Upon the windswept mesa of Thunder Bluff, Cairne built a refuge for his people, where tauren of every tribe is welcome.  Over time, the scattered tauren tribes united under Cairne’s rule.  There are a few tribes who disagree about the direction their new nation should take, but all agree that Cairne is the wisest and best suited to lead them towards the future.

Though the noble tauren are peaceful in nature, the rites of the Great Hunt are venerated as the heart of their spiritual culture.  Every tauren, warrior or otherwise, seeks identity both as a hunter and as a child of the Earth Mother.  Having reached the age of maturity, you must test your skills in the wild and prove yourself in the Great Hunt.


The city of Thunder Bluff lies atop a series of mesas that overlook the verdant grasslands of Mulgore.  Once a nomadic people, the tauren recently established the city as a center for trade caravans, traveling artisans, and inventors of every kind.  The proud city also stands as a refuge for the many hunters who stalk their dangerous prey through the Barrens and its surrounding areas.  Long bridges of wood and rope span the chasms between the mesas, and each mesa is topped with tents, longhouses, colorfully painted totems, and spirit lodges.  The mighty chief, Cairne Bloodhoof, presides over the bustling city, ensuring that the united tauren tribes live in peace and security.


Cairne Bloodhoof
Cairne is dedicated to serving his people and to watching over their safety in an ever-darkening world.  An outstanding warrior, Cairne is considered one of the most dangerous creatures alive.  Despite his strength and valor, he is a gentle soul who longs only for the peace and tranquility of the open plains.  It is rumored that if he could lay the responsibilities of chieftain on another, Cairne would leave Thunder Bluff in an instant and retire to the wilds.  Many believe that he is training his son,  Baine, to take his place as chieftain one fateful day.

Magatha Grimtotem
Magatha is the elder crone of the mighty Grimtotem clan.  Blessed with shamanic powers when she was just a young girl, Magatha has sought power and prestige nearly her whole life.  She became the matriarch of the Grimtotem clan through an arranged marriage that many suspect she arranged herself, but subsequently lost her mate to an unforseen climbing accident.  Since her mate’s death, Magatha has commanded the stern Grimtotem warriors.  The Grimtotems believe that Magatha will lead them in eradicating the lesser races from Kalimdor and retaking the tauren’s ancestral holdings abroad.  Magatha constantly spars with Cairne Bloodhoof over the direction of the tauren’s future and feels that only she is fit to rule her people.

Hammul Runetotem
A childhood friend of Cairne Bloodhoof, Hamuul Runetotem serves as the elder druid of Thunder Bluff.  Hammul befriended the mighty night elf Malfurion Stormrage during the recent invasion of the Burning Legion.  The great druid taught Hamuul many secrets of the wild and blessed him with the touch of nature.  Since that time, Hamuul has become an honored member of the (predominantly night elf) Cenarion Circle, and is recognized as the first tauren druid in nearly twenty generations.  Hamuul is a fierce supporter of Cairne Bloodhoof and teaches the ways of druidism to his honored brethren.