The all-new novel by Christie Golden titled World of Warcraft: War Crimes is now on pre-order. It will launch on June 3, 2014; and right now only available as an eBook. Will it go the 5-part monthly installment route like Richard A. Knaak’s World of Warcraft: Dawn of the Aspects — Then the Hardcover? We’ll have to wait and see.


WoW Insider had the opportunity to interview Christie Golden and she put a lot of info out there concerning the plot of this new novel. It is not so much focused on Garrosh’s point of view, but on all leaders of the Alliance and the Horde instead. We will get into their mind and see how they portray Garrosh, and what their own personal bone to pick with Garrosh is since he arrived to Azeroth.

The Bronze Dragonflight will be represented there in Pandaria to show everyone in this trial all the atrocities committed by Garrosh, and maybe some more. We’ll see plenty of Jaina, Sylvanas and Tyrande’s individual development in this story. Other characters will be Baine (taking care of Garrosh’s defense), King Varian, Anduin, Vol’jin. Likely all other leaders of the Alliance and the Horde — but there won’t be much development for Lor’themar.

Using the Bronze Dragonflight’s ability to see the timeways, we will see the events fold and flesh out to see past events of the last few years.

According to Chris Metzen, Garrosh has a little friend who can manipulate time who sent him back to Draenor before Grom Hellscream and the orcs drank Mannoroth’s blood. Thus, it might be interesting to see who that person is. I am currently transcribing the entire BlizzCon 2013 What’s Next panel, so keep an eye for that to find out what Metzen revealed about the expansion. Read the full interview.


Personally, I have a hunch it is Kairoz, because how he appears in different visions of the timeways during the quests of the Timeless Isle (off the coast of The Jade Forest). On the other hand, the way Metzen said “a little friend” with time manipulative powers — what if it turns out to be Wrathion? He is not a bronze dragon, but didn’t we help him imbue our Legendary cloak with properties of the Timeless Isle? Some food for thought.