wow-inforgraphic-1-28-2014Blizzard Entertainment recently unveiled a plethora of private information never shared before with the community through an extensive infographics.

For example:

Throughout 2004 – 2013, there have been 100 millions unique lifetime players (including trial accounts). Some new players come, some players leave, but in average that’s how many players have landed on Azeroth. Of course, would be interesting to learn how many of these accounts were multi-boxers.

100 millions is a mind-boggling number. 100 millions is the approximate combined population of Germany, Belarus and Sweden. Or two times the population of South Korea.

World of Warcraft is played in 244 countries and territories. Curious revelations … did you know some people play from Antartica, the Bahamas, Christmas Island and Tokelau? I guess some of the people stuck in Antartica for weeks were having fun raiding Garrosh.

The Horde Pride is big, and one might think there is more Horde players than Alliance, but did you know 52% of the playerbase is Alliance? Whoa? A whole 1% is Neutral. Seems some people created Pandaren characters and enjoyed the initial 10 levels’ storyline and decided to not choose a faction.

There have been 9 million guilds. The most widely title in Azeroth is “The Patient”, followed by Jenkins and Assistant Professor.

There are 11 million Pandaren characters. 1.3 Million out of 11 million are females with Foxtails. Now that doesn’t mean that’s how many females there are, just these have foxtails while other females don’t have foxtails.

There are 500 million characters created. Staggering, considering the population of the United States according to the census is 316 million.

There are over 100 thousand pages of content in the wiki.

3,900 minutes of sound effects and music on your World of Warcraft folder which can fill up 44 audio CDs.

The World of Warcraft story (quests, in-game books, notes, etc.) contains 6 million words — the equivlanet of 12 copies of The Lord of the Rings.

The rarest mount is the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent. That mount is a low rate loot from The Sha of Anger in Kun-Lai Summit.

There are 619 unique pets and 504 unique mounts. The most common pet is the Squirrel. The rarest is the Tiny Red Carp.

Everyday there are 900 thousand PvE instances (dungeons, raids, scenarios) created.

Everyday there are 3.6 million pet battles and 670 thousand PvP instances (Battlegrounds, Arenas, Rated Battlegrounds)

Since the launch of Mists of Pandaria there have been 11 million achievements accomplished.

Total number of Challenge mode achievements: 162K Gold medals, 332K silver medals, 504 Bronze medals.

2.8 million daily trades in the auction house. That is twice the eBay transactions on Cyber Monday 2009.

71 auctioneers in Azeroth and 39,437 transactions per auctioner to process daily.

In YouTube, the “I am Murloc” song by Level 90 Elite Tauren Chieftain has gotten 9.2 Million views. 26 million videos have been posted on YouTube. 50 Million Google searches of WoW and Warcraft per year.

5.2 Million Facebook followers and 408K Twitter followers.

Garrosh has been defeated 400 thousand times.

The infographics ends with a tease: “Ok, you were prepared… But is this the end for Garrosh?” “See you in Draenor!”

So what exactly was the purpose of this infographics?

This is the first time Blizzard Entertainment releases an infographics with that many bits of server information. Why the teasing at the end? Could Warlords of Draenor beta be closer than anyone thinks?

I don’t know about you, but I am extremely interested and looking forward to a date in the calendar.

Mark it now folks — February 6th at 1:30 PST. That’s when Mike Morhaime will talk about the status quo of Blizzard Entertainment during the Activision Blizzard Q4 2013 financial results conference call.

Sometimes Mike Morhaime doesn’t say anything new, but if you go back to past conference calls — he revealed when StarCraft II beta would start, or talked about BlizzCon and other type of juicy info concerning games in development.

Keep an eye on the conference call. You never know, right?

Check out the infographics page at the official World of Warcraft website.