Our J!NX associates have finally launched the World of Warcraft Fall 2011 T-shirt Collection. This new collection was recently announced earlier at the Blizzard Swag Show Panel held at San Diego Comic Con a few weeks ago.

The new Fall 2011 collection introduces two variations of the Deathwing art and the Cataclysm logo. Normal and Shattered. The new Dungeon Role Icon t-shirts will immediately catch eyes of friends and bystanders in the streets letting them know you are a tank, dps or healer. Some students and graduates normally show off the colleges they have come from. Imagine the face of those who read Orgrimmar Military University or Stormwind Military University. Some ignorant people might actually ask you what state or country that university is located at. [/facepalm]

Stay tuned to Blizzplanet. You definitely won’t want to miss a single minute once the Tyrael and Demon Hunter Hoodies are avaiable. Those will be on sale very soon. Check us every day the old fashion way, follow us on Facebook, Twitter or through our mobile device app for iPhone, Android and others.