In a macho-driven society there is no place for successful women who can both pursue a career, fulfill their dreams and be a competitive gamer. Such women are a myth. Right?  Or so shortsighted people think. World of Warcraft nowadays has a population of over 10 million players worldwide. A large percent is composed by women of all ages. I have been able to play alongside women playing Rogues or even tanking a raid with their Prot Warrior and doing a heck of a job like any man, if not better.

Today, Blizzplanet interviews a young woman age 20 who currently studies a career in college, has fulfilled her dream … to sing, compose, play the guitar and be founder of her own punk/metal band; and enjoys playing World of Warcraft. That singer you are listening right now in the background is a woman:  Renee Phoenix from The Explicits Band.

LOS ANGELES (Top40 Charts/ Explicit Records) – While her friends are consumed with college life, Renee Phoenix of the punk/metal band The Explicits was able to find time to close the books and record her self-titled debut, due out independently on Explicit Records on April 8, 2008. As a Junior at The University of North Florida, she somehow balances achieving her English degree with the demanding schedule that comes along with playing in an up and coming band. “The entire process was exciting for all of us,” she describes of the recording of the album. “I’m a very impatient person so I couldn’t wait for this project to be completed and blast it in my car.” When she is not knee-deep studying to finish her career, or singing in her punk/metal band The Explicits, Renee enjoys playing World of Warcraft.

Who are the members of the Explicits and their roles in the band?

Renee: We have Kevin Vu on lead guitars and backup vocals, Jarrod Welsh on drums, Noah Ray with bass and me, Renee Phoenix, on lead vocals and guitar. We’re all 20 with the exception of Noah who is 18.

When did the group decide to create this band and how did it happen?

Renee: I was, and still am, attending college at The University of North Florida. In my Sophomore year, 2006, I had an idea to form a band and quickly recruited by friend Jarrod on the drums. We then found a bassist, well we found and went through a few bassists, and finally ended up with Noah. We were originally a three-piece for quite some time, but I decided to add an extra guitar in there for some girth and got Kevin on board.

What type of music are you producing in this album?

Renee: We’ve been classified as everything from punk to metal to screamo. Honestly, I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what the hell we are. All the material I wrote for this release came from me. I refuse to write something to stay within a certain “genre.” I write whatever I feel like writing at the time and feels right.

Are you a World of Warcraft gamer? Or do any other members of the Explicits play it? If so, what are your character races, and level?

Renee: Sadly, I’m the only person in the band that plays Warcraft. During the recording process, our engineer and producer, Stan Martell, played as well so we had something to talk about and keep us entertained. I had a level 60 rogue gnome until I deleted that account and now I’m working on another character who is a warrior gnome.

What attracts you to World of Warcraft?

Renee: I love the controls, graphics, everything. It’s a game that one can get easily addicted to. The whole aspect of role-playing is appealing to me. Oh, god that sounds sexual…let me clarify…role-playing as a different character … you know, this just isn’t going to work. I like the game, I play it often, and it never gets old.

If you had the chance to be a World of Warcraft developer for a day, what features or fixes would you do to the game?

Renee: I’d change the overpopulation in the alliance areas. Starting from scratch is somewhat annoying when you have 10 different people killing all the boars when you only need 1 more boar’s rib.

What do you think of the social network aspect of World of Warcraft?

Renee: It’s a lot of fun when people group together for raids and dungeons. I like the multi-player aspect of the game. This one time my friend ran around half naked trying to get other people to take their clothes off and managed to be successful at it. Then they all proceeded to dance together and form a train. It was hilarious.

What do you think about women gamers?

Renee: It’s very sexy. I think more women should definitely play. I mean, I find it a lot of fun. Just because you’re a girl, doesn’t mean it’s not appropriate for you to play. F*ck societies labels, do what you want to do and have fun doing it damn it.

Talking about women, where do you get all this passion and energy to sing, or as you called it recently … a war cry?

Renee: I love singing. The energy from the audience is where a lot of my passion comes from as well as the enthusiasm a lot of our fans have for our music. It’s the best feeling in the world when someone likes what you’ve accomplished and have put a lot of hard work into.

What could you tell fellow World of Warcraft fans to encourage them to listen to your music?

Renee: It’s different from what you’ve been brain drained to on the radio. Just because people like to say we’re punk or metal, doesn’t mean we necessarily are. Give us a try, as it seems to be that a lot of people, who don’t like the all-encompassing rock genre, seem to like us for some reason. So listen to us or I’ll poop on your keyboard.

The Explicits will make a public appearance on March, 28 2008 at Bourbon Street Station *Studio 80*
1770 Saint Johns Bluff Rd., Jacksonville, Florida 32246.  If you wish to listen to some of their song clips visit their official MySpace Site. The Explicits are available soon at a place near you through their upcoming Spring Tour.


Hey, my conscious on the run.

It’s only cause I forgot to tell you
that you’re not the only one.

Come, and show me what you got.

My guess is better than yours as
its not what I am, it’s about what I’m not.

Whoa, come on and hate me.

My reputation precedes me.

In everything that you see.

May not be the best of me,
or of her, or of him that could be.

Nothing in the past relate.

Pledge to us your undying hate.

With these memories of few.

Suffocating me, suffocating you.

Breathe, in your fascination.

About how I overcame
how I suffered with our asphyxiation.

You, you’re not all that I got.

I hope with these last words that
I scream from my mouth, that you.