TOKYOPOP shows in today’s Warcraft Legend Marathon, the story by Grace Randolph titled Divided from volume 2.  This story will be available free until Monday. This is an interesting story about Dougan and Adena’s twin daughters Lieren and Loania. Both had been risen up by foster parents and did not know of the existence of their own sister.  Lieren was brought up by Kardan under Wildhammer culture and wore the clothing and tatoos as daughter of Kardan

Loania on the other hand was brought up by Voldana of Quel’danil under the high elf culture. Lieren wanted Kardan to tell her the story of her father, to which he always refused to talk about.  The story starts in Storm Peaks with Elder Mastran telling to various young Wildhammer dwarves the tale of the Three Hammers War where Thane Khardros killed Modgud at Grim Batol. One day Lieren followed Kardan on her gryphon Graysoar to Quel’danil. There she was confused by a high elf with her twin sister Loania. When dragged to her quarters, both twins faced each other for the first time thinking this a magic mockery played by the high elf.

Voldana and Kardan decided to tell the story about their human parents. Voldana (high elf archer), Kardan (dwarf) and Dougan (Human Paladin) fought the Horde together during the Second War.  After the war, Dougan sent mail to both his comrades in arms to visit him at Grand Hamlet. Darkness had set upon Grand Hamlet, and townsfolk were sent to investigate Karazhan. They theorized it had to do with their ailment. Dark creatures had been molesting the area lately. It is confirmed in this manga (finally) that Darkshire was formerly Grand Hamlet.

Voldana, Kardan and Dougan went to Karazhan to rescue the townsfolk that had gone to investigate, but they fled from the horrors within. Dougan couldn’t make it as he was dragged by monstrous hands back in.  Voldana and Kardan did not dare to return, and thought Dougan dead.  They informed his widow Adena, but her spirit deteriorated with the ill news. They brought a healer from Raven Hill, and decided to take care of the twin sisters to amend their guilt for leaving their father behind in Karazhan.

Kardan and Voldana agree to take the twin sisters to Duskwood after both demanded to meet their mother Adena.  Mounted on gryphons and dragonhawks they travel to Darkshire where they find an abandoned house and get raided by ghouls.  The Ebon Watch came to the rescue, and they talk to Commander Ebonlocke who informs them Adena is dead.  Both twins won’t be easily persuaded and request to see her grave.

Both find out their mother had suicided shortly after Kardan and Voldana left with the babies and was buried in Raven Hill. She now roams Raven Hill Cemetery as a Undead. All of them fight their way through undead, and the twins slay their mother to set her spirit free from the curse of undead. They bury her near a river between Quel’danil and Aerie Peak, and promise to travel to Karazhan when they are older enough to face the dangers therein.