Three days later in Alterac, Arthas and his men wait near a crossroads along the King’s Road.

HINT – Use Jaina’s Summon Water Elemental spell to summon a water elemental unit.

Stacie: Prince Arthas! There’s something amiss at the bridge ahead!

Marie Claire Antoinette: Look! It’s Prince Arthas.

Garglemel: Milord! If this is about taxes, I can explain!

Achilles: Milord, someone has destroyed the bridge from the far side of the river! There is another way to cross, but it is not as safe as it used to be.

Bandit: Slaughter them all!

Villager: Bandits! Run!

Bandit: Sack the town!

Villager: Save us!

Arthas and Jaina bravely engaged the bandits, saving the populace of the town.

Villager: Oh, thanks so much! I have a reward for you.

NEW ITEM RECEIVED – Potion of Greater Healing.

Alric: Milord, there is an ancient fountain shrine nearby. Legends say that its holy waters can restore health and heal grievous wounds.

Arthas: That could prove to be useful indeed.

Arthas, Jaina and the Lordaeron footmen fought murlocs on their way through the river. Dangers abroad, they also found a bandit camp. Once reaching the other side of the river, they were surprised by skeleton archers.

Sergeant: Lock your shields and defend yourselves! Their arrows won’t get through!

Arthas: Skeletons? Slay them all, immediately!

Arthas and Jaina found local footmen attempting to save as many villagers as possible from the invasion of skeletons. The heroes joined their fight to defend the village. The swarm of undead skeleton archers was destroyed, leaving Arthas with the concern of what they were.

Arthas: What were those creatures, Sergeant?

Sergeant: Undead, milord! This whole village has gone mad! We did our best to defend the villagers, but—

Arthas: We’ll get to the bottom of this.

HINT – Your Footmen now have the Defend skill. Use it for better protection against ranged attacks.

HINT – Arthas may use the Holy Light spell to damage the Undead.

Arthas: This must be the shrine that the old man spoke of. Any man who drinks from these Light-blessed waters will be healed.

HINT – Move wounded units close to the fountain of Health and they will heal more quickly.

Priest: Greetings. We are priests from Quel’Thalas. We’ve come to help heal the land of this strange curse.

Jaina: As always, the generosity of the elves is greatly appreciated.

Priest: You should know that there is a granary warehouse at the far end of this village. This evil blight may be evident there as well.

Arthas: We’ll check it out.

Priest – Supporting spellcaster. Can initially cast heal., which increases the life of wounded units. Can also learn Dispel Magic and Inner Fire.

While investigating the area, Arthas found a Mortar Team fighting for their lifes against Undead Skeletons. Arthas and Jaina saved them from becoming overwhelmed by the vast undead forces. In gratefulness, they joined Arthas.

Mortar Team – Long-range siege weaponry Exceptional damage versus buildings, but slow and vulnerable. Can learn the Flare ability.

Arthas: What the hell are you men shooting at?

Mortar Team: We’re blasting those damned skeletons, sir. This whole flaming village is crawling with them.

Arthas: Well, I could use your help. We’ve got a warehouse to destroy at the end of town.

Arthas: Destroy that warehouse, now!

Jaina, Arthas and their men defeated the Necromancers, Abominations and Undead Skeletons guarding the warehouse. The Mortar Team destroyed the warehouse and its plagued content


Ogre Warrior lvl 3
Ogre Mauler lvl 5

Alterac Villagers
Stacie (female)
Jillian (female)
Linda (female)
Marie Claire Antoinette (female)
Splendora (female)
Daunell Barton (female)
Alex (kid)
Austen (kid)
Alizabeth (female)

Regional Defenders
High Elven Priest

Bandit lvl 1
Rogue lvl 3
Enforcer lvl 5

Murloc Tiderunner lvl 1
Murloc Huntsman lvl 2

Undead Scourge
Skeleton Archer lvl 1
Skeletal Warrior lvl 1