Act 4: Tides of Darkness

The Northlands have fallen, and now only the western regions of Lordaeron stand defiant before the ultimate supremacy of the Horde. As the Orc clans prepare for their final, massive campaign against the weakening Alliance, the Warchief sends you ill tidings …

Gul’dan and his Stormreaver Clan have betrayed the Horde and coerced the Twilight’s Hammer Clan to set sail and search for an ancient tomb said to be buried beneath the waves. An infiltrator under the direction of Doomhammer reports that Gul’dan has indeed raised volcanic islands from the ocean floor and thus has opened a hidden vault.

While it is unknown what the great Warlock has released from this tomb, the Warchief has issued this command – Destroy the renegade clans and return with the head of Gul’dan.


  • Destroy the Stormreaver Clan
  • Destroy the Twilight’s Hammer Clan

Blackrock Clan

Stormreaver Clan
Twilight’s Hammer Clan

Act 1: Seas of Blood Act 2. Khaz’ Modan Act 3: Quel’Thalas Act 4: Tides of Darkness
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