Transformers: Autocracy # 7: Choices

Holy molly! Transformers: Autocracy has reached its climax with issue # 7.

Ever since Megatron revealed Orion Pax the content of Soundwave’s recording of Zeta Prime’s plans, it was kinda obvious the Autobots and the Decepticons would end up teaming up to fight the good fight against Zeta Prime.

It’s now reality with the final panel in issue # 7. Megatron and Orion Pax shaking hands.

Both forces unite to take out a Prime who is as evil or more than Megatron. One that’s even willing to sacrifice his own population and strike team to reach his goals.

I’m digging this bi-weekly comics only 8-pages long. So much happens in each panel. A mix OF raw action, and straight-to-the-liver dialogue that result in a dynamic storytelling that keeps you craving for more.

With the series ending in issue # 12, readers now have five issues more to crave for patiently.

Chris and Flint definitely have lots of surprises still on queue. If you haven’t yet, jump into the Transformers: Autocracy wagon. It’s available for iPad and iPhone, but PC users can read them online via the internet browser at

Transformers: Autocracy # 8 hits Comixology on Wednesday, April 25th. It’s only $0.99 cents!


CHAPTER DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE SERIES! ORINON PAX– the ‘bot who will someday be Optimus Prime– lies defeated. Cybertron is in flames. ZETA PRIME is poised to conquer all. Does any hope remain– or is this a very short chapter?


Writer: Chris Metzen & Flint Dille
Artist: Livio Ramondelli
Letters: Shawn Lee
Editors: John Barber & Carlos Guzman


Long ago, on the planet Cybertron … as Decepticon forces rise up to battle the Autobot leadership, ORION PAX leads a counter-terror strike team. After tracking down a mysterious bomber named HOT ROD, Orion and his team learn Autobot leader ZETA PRIME has been draining the energy of the civilian population on Nyon to power his vamparc weaponry — and when Zeta’s forces attack, Hot Rod is forced to destroy the city he had vowed to protect. But even that desperate move doesn’t stop Zeta from beating Pax to the ground.


The outskirts of Nyon
Kolkular (Decepticon HQ)


Orion Pax
Zeta Prime
Hot Rod

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